High Art, Music, And Tradition In Eclectic Visalia

The mural was created in 2013 to honor Brown County’s wealthy history. Ascension Fine Arts represents native and reginal art in quite lots of media. We have a large number of paintings, images, combined media, glass art, sculpture, and more. Works embody a big selection of styles from conventional to contemporary, to summary. In a solo show at Deitch, efficiency artist Jessica Emmanuelle brings Ward’s assemblages to life.

Joel Sternfeld’s masterful Massachusetts landscape harks back to photography’s painterly roots and the romantic tradition of pastoral imagery. Many of those images present the self-reflexivity of latest images — the means it grapples with its personal … Read More

From outdoor art and music to a cool covered bridge, these are don’t-miss sights in the Upper Valley | Lifestyles

T hree students roll along Hanover’s Lebanon Street on inline skates before zipping into a courtyard by Dartmouth College’s Black Family Visual Arts Center.

It’s clearly a familiar route, the trio flying past three contemporary sculpture displays before disappearing beneath a quaint brick pass-through by the Hood Museum of Art’s entrance and heading toward East Wheelock Street.

Outdoor art is “like a background theme song to life here,” said John Stomberg, head of the campus art committee that manages Dartmouth’s public installations. “Even if you’re not focusing on it, it’s part of the experience.”

Stomberg describes the outdoor art as a way to frame nature and highlight the landscape.

It’s also a reminder that any visit to the Upper Valley should start here, where the white spires and red-hued brick buildings are an Ivy League postcard of centuries of academia and the downtown has a casual-chic energy.

To take

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Art, music play major role in protest during social movements


A mural reading “Black Lives Matter” is pictured Oct. 11 in People’s Park near the Sample Gates. Artistic expression, in its many forms, has been a primary way for students and citizens to make their voices heard.

Izzy Myszak

The connection between art and social activism can be seen on the streets, walls and windows of Bloomington every day. From the “Black Lives Matter” mural in People’s Park to the music playing in dorm rooms on campus, artistic expression, in its many forms, has been a primary way for students and citizens to make their voices heard.

This year has seen an enormous wave of social and political change including the upcoming election, the COVID-19 pandemic and discussions on racial inequality and policing. But, due to increased social and political changes many protesters are turning to art to express their views.

Protests in the U.S. are is inextricably linked to

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Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar” Music Video Is Everything We Want

  • Today, Harry Styles dropped the music video for “Watermelon Sugar,” one of his hit singles on his sophomore album, Fine Line.
  • The video, which has the singer eating copious amounts of fruit among a crowd of bikini-clad girls, is dedicated to “touching.”

    There’s only so much I can say about Harry Styles in his newly released music video for “Watermelon Sugar,” fresh off his sophomore album, Fine Line, before this piece starts veering off into NSFW discourse.

    The music video, which dropped today, bursts at the seams with sexual innuendo: the dedication (romantically addressed to the art of “touching”), the swarm of writhing bodies in sun-dipped bikinis, Styles’s teensy-tiny knit sweater vests. Nothing, however, gets the layman viewer going more than watching the singer’s baby-pink-painted fingernails caressing the edge of a watermelon slice.

    In other words, think Mamma Mia! but sexier—and with less Colin Firth.

    This content is

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