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Auckland Art Gallery’s Mix of Old and New

The Auckland Art Gallery boasts the largest collection of artwork in all of New Zealand — and when you have 40,000 pieces of art on hand, you need to come up with an interesting way to showcase them all. Nowadays, the perception of art galleries as old buildings or collections of former mansions is dwindling fast. Sure, old fashioned museums and galleries can be found in plenty of cities, but contemporary art institutions are always looking for new ways to show the public that they are still relevant. The Auckland Art Gallery is no different.

When the people of Auckland were asked what they wanted out of their museum-going experience, the message was clear. They wanted the gallery itself to be a work of art. They wanted an iconic work of architecture that respected all of New Zealand’s cultures and fit well with the gallery’s existing 131-year-old portions. Too often,

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How to Choose Bathroom Lights

Let us accept the fact that illumination contributes a great deal in home decoration. Considered as conventional lighting, reserved lighting and bulbs are usually used in homes. This, nevertheless, was transformed by home lighting spring tx electricians. Contemporary furniture has now incorporated various lighting accessories that have included lights for the bathroom as well.

Lighting For Your Bathroom

It is a known fact that the bathroom is used for our sanitation, but other than that, this room is also a refuge. A few people run to the toilet when they are disheartened, discouraged, or annoyed. For them, this place offers more comfort than any other area of the home. When one is under stress, a warm bath with calming oils complemented by soft, relaxing illumination helps us to soothe our senses.

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This emerging Charlotte artist faced her sadness and fears to pursue art full time

Every life has turning points. For Rosa Renteria Jimenez it was her grandfather’s death. He died last October, a few months after she visited him in Mexico.

His passing gave her the courage to put everything she had into becoming a professional artist. A new path also meant confronting depression she suffered over the years. “The realization came…after my grandpa passed,” said Jimenez, 25. “Life is short, and I really wasn’t happy in my job anymore. I didn’t want to be there.”

She pursued art with fervor — quitting her teaching job and renting a studio space at Charlotte Art League in March.

“I got a studio because if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it completely,” she said. “I don’t want to say I’m going to do it and not put any investment into it. I wanted to do things 100% or not do them at

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Online Retailer Lulu & Georgia Launches French Art Deco Furniture Collection

If Lulu and Georgia wasn’t already on your radar, it will be now. The Los Angeles-based online retailer is an interior designer’s dream, offering the kind of standout pieces you might lust over in a magazine spread. Effortlessly blending classic and modern styles with artistic flair, Lulu & Georgia is a great place to find all kinds of handcrafted furniture and highly curated sculptural decor.

Pieces from online retailer Lulu & Georgia's new
Pieces from online retailer Lulu & Georgia’s new

The company’s latest collection of 32 pieces of furniture and many more accessories, “French Art Deco,” softens the bold, graphic style of Art Deco with a romantic French influence. Founder Sara Sugarman and her team of designers took inspiration from the Art Deco movement’s centennial anniversary, adding their own fresh spin to it. The collection was photographed within a classically detailed space to show off how beautifully it all fits together.

Pieces from online retailer Lulu & Georgia's new
Pieces from online retailer Lulu &
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