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Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.—Brené Brown 

This summer is presenting me with a unique opportunity: A dear friend has invited me to use her large studio while she is out of town for the summer. I plan to work in her studio one day a week as a kind of artist residency, with the goal of using her big space to do something I’m not easily able to do in my home studio: work BIG.

Any time an artist attempts something outside their comfort zone, insecurity causes our thoughts to focus on what the world expects and wants rather than pure self-expression. This will happen whether you are new to art or an experienced pro. So how can we fight this and authentically express ourselves in our art?

I love how Brené Brown

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Rising star of African art hits on colonialism, tyranny and beauty of black

In a serene studio filled with birdsong, Omar Ba takes off his shoes and gets down on his hands and knees. Then the renowned Senegalese artist begins to paint a five-metre-long canvas a deep, dark shade of black.

This is how Ba, a rising star in the world of contemporary African art, starts most of his works, which question the state of the world and Africa’s place in it.

“On black backgrounds, I feel that the drawing will be much more readable and clear for me,” he said from his airy workspace at the end of a pathway strewn with shells from the nearby Lac Rose.

“I feel in perfect union with what I am doing because I find myself in front of this colour, which I find noble and magnificent.”

Ba, 45, is a top sensation at the 14th Dakar Biennale, which opened Thursday. His work touches on colonialism,

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Sandra Chevrier’s “Cages and the Shadow of the…

Currently on view at Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles, California is artist Sandra Chevrier’s must see solo exhibition, “Cages and the Shadow of the Colors.”

The Montréal-based Canadian artist creates work that explore identity as a locus of competing imperatives and complex contradictions. Drawing parallels between the assumed invulnerability of the superhero and the impossible demands placed upon the contemporary individual, Chevrier creates literal and metaphoric masks by combining comic book imagery assembled from found and imagined sources. Her dystopian spin on the iconic figure of the superhero looks to reveal the flaws in the staged extroversion of the superficial veneer.

The artist examines gender identities and roles, exhibiting a male-dominated world where Chevrier’s subjects denounce the role given to the female counterpart therein, refusing to play the part of seducer or victim. In the greater body of Chevrier’s work, the images represented range from scenes of conflict, triumph and

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How Nashville can increase its support music and entertainment

  • Joy Styles is represents District 32 in Southeast Nashville on the Metro (Nashville-Davidson County) Council.
  • Nashville Mayor John Cooper has proposed a new music, film and entertainment office.
  • The Metro Council is considering an Entertainment Commission.
  • These will help elevate Nashville’s brand.

You can see it everywhere you turn in Nashville: artists and creativity on display.

It is in the murals across the city, theatre at Tennessee Performing Arts Center, public art such as “Stix,” the wooden poles at the Korean Veterans Parkway traffic circle, and, of course, the life blood of Nashville: music.

Songs that spill out of the honky-tonks on Broadway, and the life-changing songs that are written on Music Row. We are, after all, Music City, U.S.A.

But our description as Music City is expanding now in a great way. In addition to creating, producing and showcasing music, we also have video gaming, virtual reality, film and

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