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Hats in style for spring 2021

Spring is just around the corner and this means that it is time to take your winter clothes out from the wardrobe and replace them with spring clothes. This transition from winter to spring is not easy at all, especially if you are a person who is keeping up with the trends. However, it is rewarding to put together a nice and trendy outfit. To make a stylish outfit complete, you need a hat. This spring, there are a few different hats that you can opt for if you want to be trendy. 

Flat Caps

There are some trends that just keep coming back, and that’s certainly the case with flat caps. In England and Ireland, flat caps have a long history. In Ireland, they became emblematic of the Irish style. That’s why they are also popular in countries with a large Irish diaspora. However, the popularity of flat caps … Read More

Michelle Obama’s stylist and 12 Black professionals on the former First Lady’s fashion legacy and the art of power dressing

Michelle Obama wearing a purple dress: Michelle Obama Paras Griffin / Contributor . Getty Images

© Paras Griffin / Contributor . Getty Images
Michelle Obama Paras Griffin / Contributor . Getty Images

  • Throughout the years, Michelle Obama has become a style icon. 
  • Her stylist, Meredith Koop, has helped Obama become the noted fashion icon she is today. 
  • Koop and Black professionals weighed in on the lasting impact of Obama’s style and what it says about power dressing. 
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Daniella Carter said if she’s learned one thing from Michelle Obama’s style, it’s what an unapologetic Black successful woman looks like “even when there are people in the world spewing hate.” 

Carter is a Black trans activist and founder of the eponymous “Guest Book” which highlights creators of color. 

She grew up in foster care but said seeing Obama “suited-and-booted” made her always remember that though she may not have had a mother who looked like

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What’s not to Love? Celebrate the year of the Golden Ox in style at MGM

It is fair to say that the Lunar New Year is the biggest celebration in Chinese culture. It is a time not only to welcome a new year, but to celebrate family and tradition. This time however, 2021 is extra special.

Not only are we commemorating the official start of the year of the Golden Ox on February 12 but opening our hearts on February 14, Valentine’s day.

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As the city prepares to fully embrace the national holiday, look no further: MGM has everything your heart desires, from incredible prizes, delicious food, romantic gestures and even Craftsmanship workshops. All you need is to be there.

Your own, personal God of Fortune

From February 12 to 21 guests and visitors can feast their eyes— and be blessed with good fortune— with the aerial show God of Fortune Comes to You at the Spectacle, MGM COTAI.

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Denver Art Museum Showcases 19th Century In European Art

DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Art Museum will place 85 artworks in new galleries beginning Sunday as part of The 19th Century in European Art on display for visitors to see in its permanent collection. The paintings capture the move artists made from antiquity to abstract in that time period.

a painting of a room

© Provided by CBS Denver

(credit: CBS)

“It’s hard to think of other centuries where there have been so many changes, so many great transition such as in the 19th century,” said Angelica Daneo, the chief curator and curator of European Art before 1900 at the Denver Art Museum. “The artists that broke with tradition, broke with principals of the academy and created really a new art, a new movement pushing the boundaries.”


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Well-known artists like Monet, Renoir, and Cézanne will be on view as one gallery is dedicated to the French impressionist movement. The new layout will

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