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Outdoor Mixed Media Installations by Susan Togut I Artsy Shark

Mixed media artist Susan Togut shares a selection of environmental installations and gallery works inspired by the cycles of nature—life, renewal and ascension. Learn more about her work on her website.


mixed media outdoor installation by Susan Togut

“Contemplating Immortality” (from the Gimme Shelter exhibition) wisteria, vines and other natural elements, river glass, rope, fishing line and hardware, 30’h x 60’diameter


The unknown in creativity is magical and welcomed while uncertainty in life is often fearful and unsettling. Art lends beauty, meaning and illumination. It helps us positively transform life’s challenges during highly stressed times.


outdoor art installation by Susan Togut

“Seasons of Transcendence” (from the Psych Out exhibition) living trees, tree limbs, branches and wisteria roots, lexan, stained glass paint, leading, aircraft cable, fishing line and hand-painted rocks, 80’h x 20’w x 22′


Art is my life-force, inspired by nature. My journey unfolds like moving waves, shaped by shifting boundaries in harmonic order. As a long-time public and gallery artist, educator

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Anna Pajak | Dreams & Illusions

About Anna Pajak

Anna Pajak (b. 1992 in Stockholm, Sweden) is a graduate with an MFA from The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, in 2020. Today she considers herself a painter and printmaker. She explores geometrical spaces and architectural elements such as surfaces, patterns, and depths in her works. Pajak merges color, symbols, and perspectives into visionary imagery where the abstract meets the figurative. Drawing from modernist female painters, spiritualism, and dreams, Pajak deconstructs and recombines symbols, images, shapes, and architectural fragments in ways that challenge traditional contexts and interpretations. Her large-scale paintings bring a sense of another dimension to life – a reality on the border of dream and fiction.

Her starting point is often a bodily sensation translated into the visual.

Anna Pajak is represented by Wetterling Gallery in Stockholm. She has also been exhibiting at Stene Projects, Stockholm, Kunstverket Galleri, QSPA Gallery, Oslo, and at The Royal

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The Artist’s Magazine – Imaginative Realism – Lines and Colors

The Artists magazine March-April 2022- Imaginativ Realism
The Artists magazine March-April 2022- Imaginativ Realism

The March/April issue of The Artists Magazine is devoted to imaginative painting and magical realism. The cover and lead article feature the beautiful painting by James Gurney shown in the images above, and a step-through of his process in creating it.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this particular painting in person, and it’s a strikingly beautiful example of Gurney at his best in combining the styles of the Victorian painters with modern fantasy subjects. (Imagine if you will, Lawrence Alma-Tadema painting dinosaurs!)

This is a very good issue of a good magazine. Unfortunately, the Artists Network website, for reasons that elude me, is not very effective in promoting the physical magazine. (They don’t clearly associate the cover with a list of contents and excerpts specific to that issue, and from there link to the ordering page.)

If you’re fortunate enough to have a bookstore in your area that

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Book Review: The Art of Halo Infinite

The Art of Halo Infinite - 01

This 200-page hardcover for Halo Infinite is just packed with beautiful concept art for the game. You’ll get to see characters and enemies, weapons and equipment, vehicles and ships, background art and splash art.

The artworks have the right mix of detail and roughness and are just gorgeous to look at. It’s cool to see art from David Heidhoff, Darren Bacon, Ben Mauro, Zack Lee, Ruan Jia, Glenn Israel, Josh Kao, and even Martin Deschambault and Sparth, The text included are brief and talk about the designs.

This is definitely the book to get if you’re a fan of Halo or Halo Infinite. There is a digital Kindle version available on Amazon but the large format hardcover edition is probably the better option if you want to admire the large printed artworks.

And if you are a fan of Halo,

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