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Arts Council fundraising luncheon is Aug. 21 – Shelby County Reporter

By SASHA JOHNS / Community Columnist

The three women’s clubs of Columbiana are back to business after missing a year of events, and they want supporters of the Shelby County Arts Council to know that the annual fundraiser luncheon typically held early in the year, is on for Aug. 21 this year.

These three outstanding women’s clubs that get things done around town. The Vignettes, the Novellas and the Culture Club are all part of the larger and international General Federation of Women’s Clubs, an organization that dates back to the 1890s. These clubs focus on improving communities all over the world through volunteerism.

The clubs of Columbiana do exactly that. From hosting the Miss Shelby County Pageant to planning the upcoming annual fundraising luncheon for the Shelby County Arts Council, they have done everything from provide scholarships to promote the arts through the active women that give the gift

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bella dahl Brings Southern California Style to the U.K. With an In-Store Selfridges Pop-Up | State

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — bella dahl was founded on the principles of sustainability, laid-back living and sophistication that inspire women to combine comfort and style in their daily lives. Now, the LA-based brand is bringing its core values to life with a pop-up shopping and art installation at Selfridges in London. The thoughtfully curated pop-up collection features fan-favorite bella dahl pieces that include the sustainable Tencel™ fabric, an ultra-breathable material derived from sustainable wood sources. An ode to eco-conscious living and female empowerment, the pop-up also features a beautifully designed art piece by a local artist from the U.K., Anu Ogunmefun – a tree sculpture adorned with 200 handmade, illustrated Tencel™ leaves.

“We wanted to create a beautiful ‘Instagrammable’ moment in-store that will mark the return to retail, the beginning of summer and the lifting of restrictions – introducing U.K. customers to bella dahl’s brand

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Before Roy Lichtenstein Went Pop

One of the many good reasons to see the exhibition of Roy Lichtenstein’s pre-Pop-art work, “Roy Lichtenstein: History in the Making, 1948–1960”—which originated at the Colby College Museum of Art in the spring and comes to the Parrish Art Museum, in Water Mill, New York, on August 1st—is that it reminds us of something we tend to lose sight of when we get caught up in the critical business of trying to situate Pop in an art-history genealogy, or to unpack it as social critique, which is that Pop art is funny. It makes you smile. There are not a lot of art movements you could say that about.

An unusual thing about American Pop art is that (unlike British Pop art, for example) the major figures—Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, Andy Warhol—had no personal relationship with one another, and they developed their Pop-art styles independently. Another is that they all

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Art and power in Medici Florence

The concept of “art for art’s sake” may be a fine vision, but the reality of art is often far less idealistic. From Napoleon’s patronage of Jacques-Louis David to John F. Kennedy’s choice of Robert Frost to recite a poem at his presidential inauguration, political leaders have long used art to garner support. The term “propaganda” may get a bad name, but the history of states sponsoring the arts as a means of accruing glory has led to the creation of some of the finest art the world has ever seen, from Diego Velazquez’s portraits of the Spanish royal family to Hans Holbein the Younger’s paintings for King Henry VIII of England.

Perhaps no patron was more influential than the 16th-century Florentine Duke Cosimo I de’ Medici. Cosimo used his wealth, accumulated from his family’s moneylending and banking businesses, to finance the creation of a wide array of art

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