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Girl, 16, wins Oakley art contest she didn’t know was contest

Initially, Oakley resident Charitie Tosuner registered her daughter, Layla Tosuner, for Oakley’s recent annual Rock the Chalk competition for her daughter to enjoy an art activity.

The two had no idea it was a contest, but Layla won.

Charleen Earley ??

An 11th-grade student home-schooled by her parents, Layla took first place in her age category against several contestants, drawing a colorful eye with palm trees in the iris. She put a lot of thought into her original design, which took her a bit less than an hour to draw under the morning sun April 23 at Civic Center Plaza. The contest was part of the city’s annual Art in the Park event.

“I, like everyone, encounter the human eye on a daily basis. Sight is one of the most important senses we as people possess,” she said. “The eye is how people connect. Eyes are the mirrors to the soul; its how

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Juxtapoz Magazine – In “Coniunctio”: Christian Rex van Minnen @ Ross + Kramer, NYC

It almost seems like Christian Rex van Minnen, in his mind-bending and contemporary take on the past Masters of Western European painting, hasn’t named a solo show Coniunctio before. “Coniunctio, literally ‘conjunction,’ was used by ancient alchemists to describe chemical unions and Carl Jung adapted this term to describe the psychological union of the opposites, and the birth of new possibilities,” van Minnen said of the title of his new show. “In this body of work, oil painting, monotype, and digital, I have created portraits that are the conjunction of identities, and layers of self. As our consciousness expands further into the digital realm, so do new layers of identity. The interplay of these identities in one’s self is what interests me.”

What the Santa Cruz-based painter has found is a perfect place to explore the depth of painting with the depths of technology, mixed also with the often

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Meet Artle, The Wordle Spinoff For Art Lovers

The National Gallery of Art (NGA) in Washington, D.C. has jumped into the game craze with a Wordle spinoff called Artle, which gives players four guesses to identify the creator of four works of art.

The wildly popular Wordle word game — snapped up by The New York Times for a cool seven figures — has spawned a panoply of copycats, from Worldle, a geography-based game, to Heardle (music), Lewdle (naughty words), Nerdle (math), Queerdle (LGBTQ+ words), Absurdle (even more words) and many others.

Designed as a fun way to let art geeks explore the NGA’s vast collection, Artle gives players a different game every day. Players are shown a work chosen from among the gallery’s 155,000 works by 15,000 artists. The player gets a chance to guess the artist. If incorrect,

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Out Of The Gate and Killing It | Em Piscopo | Episode 835

Em Piscopo | Episode 835

Em Piscopo stumbled into ceramics nearly 2.5 years ago in an attempt to discover my creative side after letting my analytical side take the reigns for too long. The connection was instantaneous, and Em fell in love hard and fast with the medium of clay. Em could never in her wildest dreams have anticipated making pieces that would someday be passed from her hands to those of family and friends, old and new, all over the map. The heart of Nightshade is, and in some ways has always been, finding the intersections between art and science, style and function, and to bring a bit of magic into everyday life.


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