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Chasing Down An Idea | Mandy Henebry | Episode 834

Mandy Henebry | Episode 834

Mandy Henebry has been working with clay for almost 3 decades. Mandy’s work is a reflection of her love for home décor, and entertaining with food. Soft colors and tactile patterns grace the surfaces of her pottery. Mandy currently lives in Boise, Idaho working as a full-time studio potter.


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Where did the idea of stencils come from for you?

I love surface design.  I love patterns and I wanted to somehow incorporate that into my work. I was bored with the glazing process and wanted to elevate the look of my pots not from the glazing process but from the surface design perspective.

So you started with patterns, was it important for you to

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Juxtapoz Magazine – Broccoli Women on the Edge of Precipice in Hein Koh’s New Solo Show

“I realized that she is an ‘other,’ being green and different,” Hein Koh told us in our current Spring 2022 quarterly. “As an Asian-American female artist weirdo, I’m so used to being a minority that I don’t think too much about it on a daily basis.  However, the way I navigate the world is unique to my identity, and that comes through my vegetal women too. They’re relatable, though—I don’t want them to appeal just to a small niche audience, I want their experiences to be collective and universal.”

The Broccoli character is the star of the show, literally, at Anton Kern in Koh’s newest solo show, On the Edge of Precipice. As the gallery notes, “Sometimes joining the Broccoli woman in this body of work is a new character, The Shadow. It acts in multiple ways: as both a partner for her to interact with; in the Jungian sense

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Exiled Vietnamese emperor’s art works exhibited in France | Culture – Sports

Exiled Vietnamese emperor’s art works exhibited in France hinh anh 1Exiled Vietnamese emperor’s art works exhibited in France (Photo: VNA)

Paris (VNA) – An exhibition of 150 art works and objects of Vietnamese King Ham Nghi (1870-1947) is taking place at Nice Museum for Asian Arts in France.

The exhibits were collected in nearly 10 years by
Amandine Dabat, a 5th generation descendant of the king, who did a
doctoral thesis on King Ham Nghi’s art career and is also the author of the
book “Ham Nghi – Empereur en exil, artiste à Alger” (Ham Nghi -
Emperor in exile, artist in Algeria) published in 2019 in France.

This is the first exhibition about
King Ham Nghi since his death. The last exhibition held by the emperor was in

The current exhibition aims to introduce to the public, both French and Vietnamese, a rather comprehensive
look at the life of the exiled patriotic king with the soul of an

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Local students win national Scholastic Art & Writing Awards | Living

Winning a medal regionally in the prestigious Scholastic Art & Writing Awards is a feat on its own. But a national award is exceptional.

Eight Washington County students have won national awards for their art and writing, earning a place among the top young artists and writers in the nation.

Winners include Sienna Heasley, a freshman at Trinity High School, who won a gold medal and was awarded an American Visions medal for her mixed-media artwork, “Mind’s Eye.”

For the piece, she used pencil, ink, and gouache (opaque watercolor) to illustrate “the spontaneous things people can come up with or think about.”

It depicts a Converse-clad young person who is surrounded by objects including coffee mugs, plants, and other things Heasley’s life revolves around, she said.

Heasley said she has always enjoyed painting and sketching, and recently began taking private lessons at her cousin’s art studio in addition to taking

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