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Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.—Brené Brown 

This summer is presenting me with a unique opportunity: A dear friend has invited me to use her large studio while she is out of town for the summer. I plan to work in her studio one day a week as a kind of artist residency, with the goal of using her big space to do something I’m not easily able to do in my home studio: work BIG.

Any time an artist attempts something outside their comfort zone, insecurity causes our thoughts to focus on what the world expects and wants rather than pure self-expression. This will happen whether you are new to art or an experienced pro. So how can we fight this and authentically express ourselves in our art?

I love how Brené Brown

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Rising star of African art hits on colonialism, tyranny and beauty of black

In a serene studio filled with birdsong, Omar Ba takes off his shoes and gets down on his hands and knees. Then the renowned Senegalese artist begins to paint a five-metre-long canvas a deep, dark shade of black.

This is how Ba, a rising star in the world of contemporary African art, starts most of his works, which question the state of the world and Africa’s place in it.

“On black backgrounds, I feel that the drawing will be much more readable and clear for me,” he said from his airy workspace at the end of a pathway strewn with shells from the nearby Lac Rose.

“I feel in perfect union with what I am doing because I find myself in front of this colour, which I find noble and magnificent.”

Ba, 45, is a top sensation at the 14th Dakar Biennale, which opened Thursday. His work touches on colonialism,

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Diasporas in Modern and Contemporary Korean Art | by Cleveland Museum of Art | CMA Thinker | May, 2022

By Sooa McCormick, CMA Curator of Korean Art

Still from Pachinko, Apple +TV Series

This year, in honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month, the museum recognizes the array of diversity within the myriad of AAPI identities and cultures. The recently opened Korean art rotation Creating Urgency: Modern and Contemporary Korean Art offers artworks surrounding a piece of Korean history, the diaspora, an experience shared by many others in the AAPI communities.

Triggered by a series of natural disasters, the massive Korean migration to Chinese and Russian border areas from the 1860s to 1910 is noted as the first generation of modern-period Korean diasporas. Another important group in the Korean diaspora is the zainichi, the permanent, ethnic Korean residents in Japan. Min Jin Lee’s 2017 bestseller Pachinko embedded the issue of systematic discrimination against zainichi as a major structural part of the story.

The zainichi diasporic

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Exhibitions to see in May

Discover our curator’s top exhibitions to visit in London during May.

By Phin Jennings | 05 May 2022

Last month, The Venice Biennale’s International Art Exhibition opened to the public. This year’s title, The Milk of Dreams, is taken from a children’s book by artist Leonara Carrington. It is set in a fantastical world where everyone and everything is in a state of constant flux: identities are not fixed and characters constantly re-imagine themselves and their surroundings. The Biennale’s curator Cecilia Alemani describes her exhibition as an “imaginary journey through metamorphoses of the body and definitions of the human”. For those of us in London – decidedly less enchanted than Venice – I hope that these three exhibitions that explore folk tales and fantasy might bring something of the sense of wonder at this year’s Biennale.


6 – 25 MAY

Once Upon a Time… at Flora Fairbairn (image courtesy of

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