The Linkage between Culture and Art

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Culture is stated to be the way of life of a group of people. There are many groups of people in the world today and they are majorly divided by location, tribe, race, and religion. Different groups of people have the way they live which is mostly unique to them.  Art has been a major part of every culture because there are various ways that art is linked to culture. Some of the major ways art is linked to culture are discussed subsequently.

Folklore is one of the many linkages between culture and art. It is normal for adults in society to tell the younger ones stories about the culture of a society. In some cases, the stories could be a true-life story of what happened in the area some time ago which was a major event. Such stories could be about heroes who by upholding the culture … Read More

Where to buy cloth coverings as they become mandatory in shops in England

Wearing a covering is different to a medical mask that should be reserved for frontline workers: iStock
Wearing a covering is different to a medical mask that should be reserved for frontline workers: iStock

Ever since coronavirus began spreading across the world, there has been some debate on the use of face masks, including who should wear them and the benefits of them. The advice in England remains that the general public shouldn’t try to buy medical face masks, as these need to be reserved for frontline staff and key workers only.

It was announced yesterday that from 24 July, face coverings will be mandatory in all shops and supermarkets in England. People who don’t wear one will face a fine of up to £100, apart from people with medical conditions and children under 11. Since 15 June in England, it has been mandatory to wear a face covering on public transport, with the same exemptions applying, as well as people who lip-read.

In Scotland from

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From ‘The Crown’ to ‘Hollywood,’ Inside TV Directors’ Decisions on When to Use Period-Accurate Film Styles

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In 1921, the film industry was dominated by silent black-and-white projects shot with boxy, wood-bodied 120 cameras using 35mm film. It was two years before the 16mm would be invented, and a few more before camera bodies would shift to metal and synchronized sound would become an option.

When depicting this period for a pivotal premiere sequence that sets up not only the protagonist’s family history but also the racism that even an alternate version of America would endure in HBO’s “Watchmen,” executive producer and director Nicole Kassell wanted to root events firmly in historical truth.

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The sequence begins with an African American boy watching a black-and-white film about the first Black sheriff, Bass Reeves. “I imagined the film the young boy is watching was directed by Oscar [Micheaux],” Kassell says. (Micheaux wrote, produced and directed 42 films

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Inside a New Art Deco Condominium in NYC That Looks Straight Out of the 1930s

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There’s a glut of glass box condo towers in the Manhattan marketplace right now. Thankfully, a few of the city’s condominiums are challenging this status quo, among them Art Deco gems like the Fitzroy in Chelsea.

Designed by Roman & Williams, a husband-and-wife design duo famed for their carefully curated, bold interiors that marry vintage and modern elements, the Fitzroy has quickly become one of the most recognizable condominiums in West Chelsea, sitting shoulder to shoulder with residential towers from other greats like Zaha Hadid, Thomas Heatherwick and Bjarke Ingels.

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A new construction, the Fitzroy looks as if it stepped out of the 1930s, with a green terracotta façade and oversized oak windows finished in copper. These old-school touches continue inside. The apartments have large oak doors, chevron wood floors and copper fixtures like the soaking tub and

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