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Jewelry For That Perfect Evening Look

 Have you been invited to an evening party or event, and you don’t know how you’re going to perfect your evening look? Worry no more; we got you sorted out. In this article, we have listed the kind of jewelry you must have for your evening look. You can visit the Helloice website. They always have a variety of jewelry at an affordable price.

Your taste should be one of the most significant factors in selecting your pieces of jewelry, but should you always consider how the different kinds of jewelry match each other. Let’s dig right in and discover the jewelry pieces for a perfect evening look without wasting time.

red vintage ring


Nothing can pair perfectly with your evening dress than a necklace. It will offer an elegant look, enhancing your entire outfit. When you’re picking the right jewelry for your evening look, the neckline of your dress should

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The Art Biz ep. 121: Guaranteeing an Effective Project with Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

We usually start a long-term project with a specific goal or set of expectations in mind. 

Rarely does the project turn out the way we thought it would. More often than not, it’s better than we had imagined.

Capitol building made from knit materials artist Eve Jacobs Carnahan | on Art Biz Success
©2021 Eve Jacobs-Carnahan, Knit Democracy Together. Yarn, felt, knitting needles, enamel, foam board, rigid foam, metal tin, and dowels, 41 x 68 x 33 inches. Photo credit: Paul Rogers.

But before we can get to the point of admitting that the change might have actually led to an improvement in the original plan, we have to struggle.

We question our assumptions.

It becomes clear that we need to ask for more help or more money. In essence, we recognize we can’t continue working in the same fashion as before. We are forced to adjust to outside forces, like a worldwide pandemic.

About a year and a half ago I had Eve Jacobs-Carnahan

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Winter Morning | Welcome!

Last January, I visited my friends’ ranch in Ingram and painted the Plein air (below left.) The morning was overcast and misty, but as the sun peeped over the hills, the sky took on a soft pink cast. After I returned to my studio I decided to paint 2 large paintings from the one Plein air and my memories of the land. The Plein air showed a strong horizontal composition, but when painting it larger, I encountered lots of problems that were not apparent in a small format. The line of trees in the foreground stopped your eye from entering the space behind, so first I opened the “wall of green” with trees that had lost their leaves. Second, the road behind the opening sets up a curved line to bring your eye back to the blue hills behind, which picked up the lines leading you through the sky. Eyes

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Stephen Loschen At The Lucore Art Gallery

The Lucore Art Gallery in Montauk will highlight the work of local artist Stephen Loschen in an exhibition opening Saturday, May 14, with a reception from 4 to 7 p.m. The show will remain on view through June 1.

In his artist statement, Loschen writes, “I am fascinated by shape, form, and negative and positive space that is released by my subconscious mind on to the canvas. These are also created by assembling found objects into sculpture. I truly do not know where these thoughts come from, but I continue to roll with the punches and let them happen. I do know, I like bright colors because they make me feel good. I am not a follower of negative, grotesque or ‘evil’ art. I leave that for those who desire it. I believe there is enough evil in everyday life that I do not need to be reminded of it.

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