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Contemporary Art Exhibitions Are Drawing in a New Generation of Antiquities Collectors at this Historic Paris Gallery

What is the right context for viewing an antique? In recent years, Paris’s historic Kraemer Gallery has been challenging the boundaries of where antiques belong and how they are enjoyed, showcasing priceless antiques amid masterpieces of modern and contemporary art by the likes of Hans Hartung, Olafur Eliasson, Fernand Leger, Takashi Murakami, Tomas Saraceno, and Sterling Ruby. These daring displays are one of a number of times Alain Kraemer, has shown a flair for the conventional as a director at his family’s historic gallery (Established in 1875, Kraemer Gallery is the oldest family-operated gallery in Paris). Recently, Alain Kraemer offered us a peek inside his historic gallery space and tells us why antiques and contemporary art can be a match. 

Installation view with Cindy Sherman's Untilted #410 (2003) paired with Louis XVI giltwood armchairs stamped by G. Jacob. Courtesy of Kraemer Gallery.

Installation view with Cindy Sherman’s Untilted #410 (2003) paired with Louis XVI giltwood armchairs stamped by G. Jacob. Courtesy of Kraemer Gallery.

Let’s start with a little about your career.

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Save $130 and turn your home into an art gallery with the Meural Canvas II digital art frame



There are a lot of digital photo frames out there, but the Meural Canvas II is a little different — yes, it can show your family photos like any other frame, but it’s designed to house a rotating gallery of fine art. It’s enormous (the larger model is 27 inches) and the full HD color-calibrated display mimics real canvas. If you’re intrigued, this is a good time to be shopping for one. Usually priced at $600, you can now get the  Meural Canvas II 19×29 for $470. It’s currently $100 off at Wellbots, and you can save an additional $30 when you apply promo code CNETLOVE at checkout. 

The Canvas II is wall-mountable or can stand on a tabletop and can be loaded with your personal photo collection from a mobile app, SD card slot or from the cloud. If you subscribe to the Meural art service

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Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum’s new program ‘blurs lines’ between gallery space and home

A world without art would be a gloomy and dreary place and while art lovers can visit some museums or take a virtual stroll through exhibitions, the COVID-19 pandemic has distanced many not just from their social circles but also from art.

The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield curated a traveling series of five different boxes packed with artwork called the Aldrich Care Box which allows people to bring museum caliber artwork into their homes temporarily. Patrons can borrow an Aldrich Care Box from the museum and enjoy the artwork in their home for a week before returning it.

The program was co-created by the museum’s director of education, Namulen Bayarsaihan and senior curator Amy Smith-Stewart.

“The Aldrich Care Box is a unique project which blurs the lines of exhibition, public program and the very idea of a typical museum art viewing experience. One question we kept asking ourselves

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Conroe Art League benefit art auction now open at the gallery

The Conroe Art League (CAL) has opened the 5th Annual “12 x 12” Art Auction at the Gallery at the Madeley Building in historic downtown Conroe.

The 12 x 12 Art Auction is a presentation of 74 original works by CAL artists on 12-inch square wooden surfaces. All proceeds from the auction benefit the Conroe Art League’s Student Awards Show for Montgomery County high school seniors. Viewing at the Gallery is available Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

“This year for the first time bidding is being conducted solely online,” said Kerry Conkling, chair of the event. “Bidding for these unique works began in January, and we have already received a good number of bids and made several sales.”

Bidding begins at $35 for each work, or the works may be purchased immediately online or in person for $200. Bidding concludes at 11:45 p.m. Feb. 26.


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