December 8, 2023


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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde Were Seen On Museum Date During His Birthday Week

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Harry Styles celebrated his 28th birthday on February 1, enjoying London with his girlfriend, actress Olivia Wilde. The pair were spotted at the Royal Academy of Arts on Thursday, viewing the Francis Bacon: Man and Beast exhibition. They were both wearing casual clothes and face masks, but some One Direction fans spotted Styles.

One person at the scene told the Daily Mail, “Harry and Olivia looked like they were having lots of fun as they browsed the gallery. Only a few One Direction fans noticed that Harry was around, so they mostly remained undisturbed….They didn’t hold hands, but you could still see their closeness as they admired the art together.”

Wilde did end up posting about her visit to the museum on her Instagram Stories, saying more people should visit the exhibit. She wrote, “Francis Bacon at Royal Academy if you’re in London go, go, go.”

She also shared a photo of herself at a dinner party celebrating her boyfriend’s birthday at St John’s Bread and Wine near London’s Spitalfields Market, standing by a table lit with candles and laden with flowers. She wrote, “happy, happy” over the image.

olivia wilde

Styles is reportedly in London as he shoots a music video for the first single from his expected third album. The video is being directed by the duo Bradley and Pablo, who were responsible for the video for the musician’s hit “Watermelon Sugar.”

In late December, a source told The Sun that Styles has met Wilde’s two children, Otis, seven, and Daisy, five, saying it was becoming his most serious relationship.

“This looked like quite a showbizzy thing at first, two glamorous people hooking up but now it’s obviously a lot more than that,” said the source. “They held back a bit at first but now that things are more settled the time was right to do the next thing….It’s really exciting for them – and for Harry it’s the most serious he has ever really been about somebody.”

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