20/07/2024 10:59 PM


Adorn your Feelings

The weird and wonderful art of Sam McKenzie

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Watching the art styles change whenever a new penciler took over my favorite comic book was always exhilarating. Seeing beloved characters interpreted through a different lens helped keep them fresh while simultaneously establishing the tone of a specific story arc. However, I still sought a general level of consistency within the designs when I was younger. Now that I’m older, the more drastic a take on a character, the more fixated I am with it. 

Sam McKenzie is one of my favorite artists on Instagram precisely because of the feral and furious beauty he pours into every piece. McKenzie meticulously overlays a unique grit on top of his dynamic and clean character models, giving his work a definite punk rock edge. Whenever he offers his take on an iconic character, McKenize filters them through his compellingly twisted aesthetic.

His women frequently sport stubble on their legs or hair under their armpits that brilliantly juxtaposes against the traditionally sexy poses McKenzie puts them in. And that’s not even mentioning the lush colors that practically explode off the page. 

I could gush about McKenize’s work for an hour, but I think it’s best if you follow the link and check out his gorgeous gallery for yourself. 

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