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Solving the Global Debt Crisis

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As a successful professional artist with a similar green-red disability to that of the late William Turner, the father of impressionism, I am unable to relate scientifically to Wolfgang Goethe’s colour wheel concerning his theories of emotional colour reality. Goethe failed in his attempt to become an artist. Salvador Dali’s understanding of Goethe’s work inspired his own intuitive emotional art colour theories. They became pivotal to Dali’s deeply held conviction that his paintings carried a profound stereoscopic scientific message. Today, Dali’s scientific message is made visible by viewing paintings from recorded history through asymmetrical electromagnetic stereoscopic glasses. Immanuel Kant’s research into his neurological assumption that a more profound ethic inhabited the artistic mind as an inner asymmetrical electromagnetic vision became credible in 2003 with the manufacture of asymmetrical electromagnetic 3D glasses.

I share with a growing number of 21st Century artists the fact that many artists are now unconsciously making Dali’s 3D conviction visible. The relevant emotional colour perception of reality is demonstrable as belonging to some important ethical scientific evolutionary function, beyond the ability of modern science to comprehend.

A dysfunctional stereoscopic global epidemic has been located by epidemiologists who have stated that it is being transmitted through the mass manufacture of communication and information devices. It is a similar virus-like strain found in the scientific structure of poker machine gaming devices and is now bringing about unproductive national bankruptcies. Medical science at present has no known antidote to this epidemic, which utilises an emotionless artificial aspect of linguistic colour perception. 19th Century linguistic colour perception theories are now central to the neurological science belonging to the 2012 book of the year by Guy Deutscher, ‘Through the Language Glass’.

A high resolution picture of the geometrical structure taken on the cell poised to divide is an infinite fractal logic expression. The electromagnetic field generated by the sudden geometric transition before cellular division proceeds, is known to prevent the virus-like information being transferred to the daughter cell. This is an application of first principle creative logic, which must contain the antidote to the 3D dysfunctional information and communication epidemic.

The electromagnetic field colour properties belonging to cellular functioning at the moment of cell division are familiar to scientists. However, it is socially taboo to investigate why the electromagnetic colour properties of the cell at that moment, will not allow the present 3D virus to be transferred to its new replica. The geometrical structure of the cell, at that point of time is clearly an expression of infinite fractal logic. Firstly, modern quantum mechanical understanding forbids the living process to belong to any form of infinite logic because it is governed by the Universal heat death law, which has sentenced all life to extinction. Secondly, all major religions require matters of infinity to be emotionally relevant to some sort of religious persuasion, which varies between them. Therefore, they cannot generate first principle logic information pertaining to non-carcinogenic growth and development.

Quantum biology on the other hand realizes that healthy living information flows in the opposite direction to the illusory information emanating from the devices spreading the present global debt crisis. The antidote to this crucial problem appears obtainable by research allowing the asymmetrical electromagnetic colour stereoscopic properties associated with cell division to be developed outside the present information system upholding our obsolete carcinogenic understanding of first principle scientific logic.

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