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Regarding the Antidote for Nuclear War

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We know from writings in the ancient Greek Iliad, the Bible and the Koran that the human perception of colour has been evolving. The language used to describe the colour of such things as the sea or sky, once compared with other common place objects, has changed. Up until recently our understanding of science argued that the evolutionary process was brought about by genetic inheritance. However, the idea that linguistic colour perception is generated by non-genetic forces associated with evolutionary development within a holographic universe has presented itself.

The recent creation of time crystals by American University researchers has demonstrated that our scientific, spiritual and political understanding about evolving reality is a primitive illusion. The functioning of time crystals has shown that our concept of science being governed by a supreme law demanding our extinction, is incorrect. The evolutionary process associated with a non-genetic linguistic colour perception process, therefore, warrants investigation.

Our science and social mores are governed by a carcinogenic dysfunctional informational system discovered by epidemiologists. It is a 3D global epidemic transmitted by modern day communication and information devices. In 2016 a linguistic colour perception antidote to this global epidemic was discovered and recognized by the World Fund for Arts in Russia. In 2017 this Russian Science-Art Organization set out to establish a research program to investigate the role that artistic linguistic colour perception will play in futuristic technologies. In 2017 American University researchers created time crystals embracing the antidote reality. They stated their intent to apply their new knowledge for the advancement of existing artificial quantum information technology. As that technology is an integral aspect of the epidemic, this would a serious mistake. If the Russian program follows the same logic and fuses the antidote information with infected artificial intelligence, the 3D global epidemic will interact with the holographic evolutionary process in ways we do not understand.

It is common knowledge that the use of artistic linguistic colour techniques to control the human mind for dysfunctional intent exists, for example, North Korea, is now of concern because of this. To a seemingly lesser extent we are being governed by a continual bombardment of non-stop commercial television mind control. In order to make a positive contribution to this situation the quantum biological antidote needed to develop healthy evolutionary technology should be made visible to the general public as soon as is possible.

The Philosopher, Plato, argued that aesthetic art appreciation was unethical, requiring an ethical spiritual wisdom through art in order to prevent the destructive property of unformed matter emerging from within the physical atom to destroy civilization. Later, in modern times, the philosopher, Immanuel Kant, agreeing with Plato, wrote that an asymmetrical electromagnetic field was evolving within the creative, artistic mind as the spiritual wisdom that Plato was searching for. Plato’s concept was that the physical world was an illusion, which is in accord with the idea of a holographic universe being an evolving illusion of reality.

We know that within a holographic universe artistic illusions can bring about neurological emotions open to manipulation by unethical dictatorial regimes. The antidote technology however, uses an alternative to the ‘Colour over Mind’ artistic rhetoric accompanied with artistic sound and colour to create a dysfunctional mindset. Within the holographic reality ‘Mind over Colour’ uses the physics concept that is the equal and opposite to unethical illusions.

Modern day artists are subconsciously painting stereoscopic images into their paintings. The artist Salvador Dali was convinced that this phenomenon existed for ethical purpose. His eccentric Freudian language together with scientists arguing for science, politics and social morality to break free of its dilemma embraced Immanuel Kant’s more ethical future. In 2002 stereoscopic asymmetrical electromagnetic glasses were patented. When used to view artwork of this century Dali’s conviction that paintings contained an invisible stereoscopic message became factual.

Paintings now exist depicting a stereoscopic multi-dimensional holographic picture echoing the painting’s descriptive text. This linguistic colour perception goes far beyond the scope of the mechanistic description of yesteryear’s concept of chromostereopsis, in which a visual illusion of depth is conveyed in two-dimensional color images. However, in present day artwork many planes of stereoscopic images merge with each other to bring about movement, which within a holographic reality are recognised by engineers as spiritual torque forces. These are the torque forces belonging to the asymmetrical electromagnetic spiritual technology of Chales Proteus Steinmetz. He wrote telling the world that such a spiritual technology would be far superior to the mechanistic asymmetrical electromagnetic global technology he helped to bring about as a principle figure in the electrification of America. Without the new spiritual mindset, civilization governed by the 3D epidemic of dysfunctional information will result in nuclear warfare.

Authorisation for this article belongs to a 1979 Australian National Television documentary entitled, The Scientists – Profiles of Discovery. A detailed explanation of these discoveries can be found in the paper, The Optical Nature of Artistic Genius, (April 2017) by Chris Degenhardt, published on academia.edu.

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