Girl, 16, wins Oakley art contest she didn’t know was contest

Initially, Oakley resident Charitie Tosuner registered her daughter, Layla Tosuner, for Oakley’s recent annual Rock the Chalk competition for her daughter to enjoy an art activity.

The two had no idea it was a contest, but Layla won.

Charleen Earley ??

An 11th-grade student home-schooled by her parents, Layla took first place in her age category against several contestants, drawing a colorful eye with palm trees in the iris. She put a lot of thought into her original design, which took her a bit less than an hour to draw under the morning sun April 23 at Civic Center Plaza. The contest was part of the city’s annual Art in the Park event.

“I, like everyone, encounter the human eye on a daily basis. Sight is one of the most important senses we as people possess,” she said. “The eye is how people connect. Eyes are the mirrors to the soul; its how

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Gigi Hadid Wore a Patchwork Denim Jacket in New York City

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What’s old is new again. 

At least in the case of Gigi Hadid’s recent off-duty look that took inspiration straight from the ’70s. The model recently wore an oversized patchwork denim jacket featuring a striking diagonal design in various shades of light and dark denim washes — a popular trend from the Woodstock era — and paired it with a classic white tee, straight leg jeans, and a pair of black Converse platform sneakers for a modern touch. 

It goes without saying that wearing denim on denim isn’t exactly the easiest look to pull off, but leave it to the 27-year-old to show us the way. Her mastery of the patchwork trend inspired us to follow suit because her edgy (yet adorable) off-duty

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Tips for Making Sure Christmas Cards Arrive in the Mail on Time

 Christmas cards are always one of those things that seem to sneak up on you. You think you have plenty of time, and then, suddenly, it’s December 23rd, and you’re scrambling to get them in the mail. To avoid this stressful situation, here are a few tips for making sure your cards arrive in the mail on time:

Tips for Making Sure Christmas Cards Arrive in the Mail on Time

Send your card early

Well, it goes without saying that the earlier you send your card, the more likely it is to arrive on time. If you can, aim to have your cards in the mail by early December. This will give them plenty of time to make their way through the postal system and arrive at their destination before Christmas.

You also don’t want to wait too long to send your cards. If you wait until the week of Christmas, there’s a good chance they won’t arrive until after the holiday.

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Jewelry For That Perfect Evening Look

 Have you been invited to an evening party or event, and you don’t know how you’re going to perfect your evening look? Worry no more; we got you sorted out. In this article, we have listed the kind of jewelry you must have for your evening look. You can visit the Helloice website. They always have a variety of jewelry at an affordable price.

Your taste should be one of the most significant factors in selecting your pieces of jewelry, but should you always consider how the different kinds of jewelry match each other. Let’s dig right in and discover the jewelry pieces for a perfect evening look without wasting time.

red vintage ring


Nothing can pair perfectly with your evening dress than a necklace. It will offer an elegant look, enhancing your entire outfit. When you’re picking the right jewelry for your evening look, the neckline of your dress should

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