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How to Handle Your Own Nail Art: 3D Nails

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How to Handle Your Own Nail Art: 3D Nails

Fashion trend have really been advancing and nail art along with them all. As far as manicures go, designing and decorating nails has become a huge part of dressing as a whole. From simple to zany and sophisticated nail art designs, you can add starts to enhance nail beauty and really enjoy it.

Fabulous 3D designs have become famous in the nail art world. 3D nail designing is applying different creative designs to the thumbnails, fingernails and toenails. Professionals have the job of getting this done at beauty parlors but you can definitely achieve some nail art looks by yourself. There are many YouTube videos explaining the details of 3D nail art so that even beginners can get it right. Ultimately, learning DIY 3D nails is not a difficult task. Let us walk you through the basics and necessities.

How to achieve the look

On fake nails, you will apply acrylic to make a mould for uniformity in nail design. The mould isn’t necessary if you are feeling artistic and sure you can take on the task. Using nail glue, you will attach the fake nails to your own nails for instant manicure. With different shapes, sizes and designs, you can create unique 3D nail art to fit your particular taste.

Required tools

Here is what you’re going to need for 3D nail art designs:

– 3D decorations
– Dotter or dotting pen
– Painting brushes
– Detailing brushes
– Rods, sticks and sticker gel for 3D design

Is it difficult?

It isn’t so difficult to achieve nail beauty with 3D nail designing. When you have interest, you can master the art through consistent practice. Professionals offer special training courses where you can learn the tricks and tips of nail art. If you don’t want something so intense, there are numerous YouTube videos to watch and learn from. Even detailed nail art books can teach you so much about achieving stunning looks. Practice makes perfect so take time out to practice your skills building up to the time you need them.

Must fake nails be used?

If the 3D nail art is applied to your real nails, you cannot easily remove parts or make corrections. This is, however, the opposite when it comes to fake nails. You can even throw the whole thing out if you mess up horribly. There is no way you’re throwing away your own fingers after getting it wrong.

Where to get 3D nail supplies

Online websites offer a variety of retail and wholesale products for anyone to buy. You don’t have to be a professional to purchase these supplies, and they can be use din so many ways to create stunning designs. If you are not sure what to get, you can buy whole sets for creating 3D nails. If you are ready to involve your creativity, pick out individual items and put your great skills to work.

Your friends will be asking for your manicure salon when they see the amazing designs made using professional tools will produce an equally professional outcome that will have people believing you had your nails done at a beauty parlor. You can have all this while saving money by doing it yourself.

Instead of spending a lot of money in beauty salons trying to achieve a great 3D nail art look, invest in some products and tools, spend some time practicing, and do your nails by yourself.

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