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How To Make Money By Re-Selling Oil Paintings

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How To Make Money By Re-Selling Oil Paintings

Here is a great opportunity to make money just being home. Earn up to 25% of the money made by selling Oil Paintings. Here is how it is done, its easy, enroll in a reseller program by contacting the site owner of Oil Paintings, open your very own reseller site. Sit back and let the money flow in.

Look for established sites that sell Oil Paintings, contact by email or through their contact form to make your request for becoming a reseller. With minimum effort you could be seeing enormous cash flow. But you may ask why Oil Paintings? Well the answer is simple, because material of art hardly needs marketing. People buy the Paintings for the quality work done.

Once you own a painting it is yours!!! You may not be able to reproduce the art, but you can sell it for whatever you want, I do all the time!! If you can sell it for more than you bought, more power to you. I see most artists not being able to sell their material and end up getting a cheap bargain. With the right kind of strategy you could be selling the same piece for five maybe ten times what you bought it for.

You could even auction it off in eBay because once the Oil Painting is bought by you; there is no royalty over such material. This is how paintings of famous artist such as Van Gough are sold for millions by the rightful owner, which is what you could be.

By far reselling is one of the best business practices wherein the returns are far higher to what the investment is. Reselling is legal whereas just making multiple copies of the work of art without the permission of artist and selling those is going to land you in trouble. When an artist sells you a work of art he/she has to provide you with rights for reproduction of original copy. Unless such clear agreement is made it would be a crime to make copies.

If you decide you have the killer marketing skills, you could even go in for wholesale purchase of paintings and turn them into your gallery wherein you could start building your own purchase of Oil Paintings and make profitable income.

I heard an artists once say “If he sold a picture for say $50, and the buyer then resold it for $500, then lucky for them.” An artist once sells his Painting to a person, he is entitled to sell it to others, but not make copies of it.

To begin with look for a site where you could purchase paintings that you feel can fetch you good market value. It is always advisable to start with popular items. Once you get a foot holding in the market arena then you could trade multiple Paintings after wholesale purchase.

These are just a few pointers towards making a successful career out of reselling paintings. Please remember this fair warning to read through the Copyright laws before you decide to market material that you have purchased.

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