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New Haven’s Westville Art Walk returns this week as a 6-day event

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NEW HAVEN — Throughout the pandemic, the Westville Art Walk — conceived 25 years ago as a celebration of the neighborhood, art and spring — has managed to hold its own, even if that meant shifting some events to virtual and putting others on hold for a year or two.

So you can’t really say that it’s back — because it never really left.

But it is back this week in as close to its pre-pandemic form as it can be — and the ArtWalk, now expanded to six days, already has begun, said Lizzy Donius, executive director of the Westville Village Renaissance Alliance.

This year’s ArtWalk features live music, a fashion show, a beer garden, art exhibitions and demonstrations, walking tours, theater performances, a pet parade and an artist and artisan market, among other attractions.

“It’s a community arts festival and a celebration of spring,” Donius said. “Basically, every year on Mother’s Day weekend, for 25 years, we … bring out the community to be together and to celebrate our artists.”

Among activities returning this year is the Friday night beer garden, Donius said.

As usual, the Westville ArtWalk celebrates above all local music and art within the city’s Westville neighborhood and the area represented by the Westville Village Renaissance Alliance.

The ArtWalk initial days featured live music, a pizza party and an improv troupe.


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