Montgomery Scout works to install lights in Memory Park


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From its inception, Memory Park in Montgomery has been a popular spot for Eagle Scout Projects. While under construction, the first Eagle Scout project began — the beautiful trees along the side of the library and a bridge over the water near the buffalo; more followed in short order.

The projects have varied in scope and difficulty, but each one has been unique and has increased the value and beauty of the park. Each scout had a unique story of why Memory Park was his chosen spot and what the particular project meant to him, his family, and his fellow scouts who helped make his dream a reality. Eagle Projects take months to prepare and complete, along with patience, diligence and a never give up spirit. Just such a project was recently completed in Memory Park.

The Rotary Club of Lake Conroe’s Memory Park Committee received an email from young Logan Benét in May 2021 which read “My name is Logan Benét and I am with Troop 491 here in Montgomery. As I have recently attained my Life Scout rank, I am now looking for a community service project which is required for completion of the Eagle Scout rank. During my time in scouts as well as a student here in Montgomery, I’ve spent numerous hours at Memory Park and it means something very special to me. I am writing to you both to inquire if there are any projects that you would wish to see completed at the park? I don’t know if this is a possibility but … I was thinking of adding some lighting around the park. I remember that the last time I went over there, the park was really dark and gloomy. I just wanted to make the park welcoming to everyone who visits.”

Little did Logan know, lights for the park had been on the Rotary Club’s wish list for many years. From that starting point many months ago, Logan has spent countless hours communicating with the park committee, City of Montgomery officials (the city owns the park), and his team of advisors, helpers and suppliers. Earlier this month, his dream became a reality and his lights were installed, and they are solar! Right now, I’m short on details about his installation day and the work his team did, so we’ll be sure to follow up on that for a future column. For now, congrats Logan!

Meanwhile, up the road at Honor Cafe, just a few days later, The Rotary Club of Conroe welcomed Thomas Franklin and Chris Reynolds from the Boy Scouts of America. Franklin spoke about the “old” and “new” Camp Strake locations. Franklin’s presentation was not only visually interesting, but he answered some lingering questions that many in the public might be interested in. I remember when the Camp Strake land was sold and the camp closed, and many of us were not happy campers, wondering why, why why? The answers made perfect sense, once we had all the facts. When the Strake Family donated the land and money for Camp Strake in the 1940s, the location was rural. But over the years as Conroe grew, the site was no longer the quiet, tranquil environment it was meant to be. The profitable sale of the land to Johnson Development to create Grand Central Park in 2013 allowed the Sam Houston Area Council to move Camp Strake to Coldspring on a 2,816 acre tract that is surrounded on 3 sides by The Sam Houston Forest and The Lone Star Hiking Trail is close by too. Camp Strake is now a “first-class, state-of-the-art camp…designed to create a 21st century Scouting experience for Scouts and their leaders and to be a transformational outdoor adventure experience to equip young people with a foundation for leadership.” Camp Strake should be a magical experience for scouts for generations to come. And that is A Beautiful Thing!

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