December 5, 2023


Adorn your Feelings

“Metamorphe” by Artists Jenni Pasanen & Reuben Wu

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A gorgeous collection discovering several transmutations of the Earth’s surface area by artists Jenni Pasanen and Reuben Wu. “Metamorphe” is composed of 6 formations recalling the senses Contact, Sight, Hearing, Scent, Taste, and Perception. Just about every gargantuan composition appears chic and outside of emotion, as if developing on aspects of extinct beings or a subconscious memory of the planet’s bygone ecology.

The task emerged in excess of the study course of 6 months, with Pasanen and Wu functioning with each other remotely, passing iterations again and forth. Their objective was to produce a thing fully new employing the medium of generative adversarial networks (GAN) put together with painting and photography. Some parts were seeded from Pasanen’s AI/GAN creations, although other people progressed from Wu’s drone lit photography — all refined and finessed intricately by hand:

“Humans are emotional beings, their choices led by their thoughts. A machine has no these kinds of constraints, enabling it to conceive what our minds could in no way be able of on their personal. This process spawns new unimaginable sorts and takes us down undiscovered paths, top to the generation of a new medium which unifies human creativeness with equipment finding out.”

Verify out the venture on Basis or have a search at a lot more images from “Metamorphe” down below!


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