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Expanded entertainment guide debuts in Lima News

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If you’re one of those people who says there’s never anything to do around here, The Lima News has a weekly section to challenge your perceptions.

Today the newspaper shares its first edition of the revamped 360 section, a 24-page guide to entertainment options in Lima and within a short drive of here. It also includes television listings, top options on streaming services and puzzles. The new section, which is eight pages larger than recent editions, is part of your Thursday edition of The Lima News, moving from Friday.

“It’s important that we review what we’re doing and why we’re doing it occasionally,” said David Trinko, editor of The Lima News. “We realized we were only sharing a fraction of the entertainment options nearby, and delivering it to readers on Friday didn’t give them much time to make plans to enjoy their weekends.”

As part of this refreshing of the printed newspaper, other improvements include:

• Moving the weekly Health page from Thursdays to Fridays.

• Trying to keep popular features such as obituaries, sports, comics and puzzles in a similar location in the newspaper each day, so it’s easier for readers to find them.

• Introducing a new feature on page 3A each day with short summaries to catch you up on important national and international news.

• Switching to two-section newspapers on Fridays and Saturdays to maximize the space available for local, national and sports news.

Trinko said the number of pages devoted to news and sports remains the same, with pages added for the expanded 360 section.

“We want to use the available space in each day’s paper as effectively as possible, so our readers get as much value out of The Lima News as possible,” he said.


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