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New collage art materials in the shop!

I’m so excited to be able to share some new materials with you, which go in the shop this week for PRESALE. They will be shipped the first week in June.

The first is a reproduction of one of my most frequently inquired about gluebooks – my index card collage art collection.

Over the years you may have seen me working in it. Here’s one of my standing desk with my cards. I keep them bound with a metal ring.

A close-up of some of the pages.

a vintage photo of a house, collaged with pattern paper and other vintage papers
Often it’s not possible to put into words why one paper works better than another in a collage. Often it’s just a feeling,

I had everything scanned to a high resolution quality, so that it would print beautifully, and boy, I am not disappointed! The color and quality is just as good as the original. The paper is a heavier card stock, and

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Entertainment in the Park returns; first concert Thursday

Children’s performer Jim Gill played to a sold-out crowd at 2014’s Black History Month Blues Series at Ellis Library & Information Center. Gill is performing July 13 at St. Mary’s Park.

After two fragmented seasons, the full Entertainment in the Park series returns this summer to St. Mary’s Park. The first offering is Thursday.

“Our 2020 concerts were canceled, and in 2021 we held two concerts in August,” Amy Mason, recreation programmer for the City of Monroe’s Parks and Recreation department, said.

All offerings are free.

Opening the season is the Tone Chimes group at the Monroe County Intermediate School District.

A big children’s show is set for this summer. Jim Gill will perform July 13, which is a Wednesday. Other musical events are on Thursdays.

Gill is an award-winning musician known for silly songs and children’s music. He’s visited Monroe in the past. The concert is offered by Monroe

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Sandra Chevrier’s “Cages and the Shadow of the…

Currently on view at Thinkspace Projects in Los Angeles, California is artist Sandra Chevrier’s must see solo exhibition, “Cages and the Shadow of the Colors.”

The Montréal-based Canadian artist creates work that explore identity as a locus of competing imperatives and complex contradictions. Drawing parallels between the assumed invulnerability of the superhero and the impossible demands placed upon the contemporary individual, Chevrier creates literal and metaphoric masks by combining comic book imagery assembled from found and imagined sources. Her dystopian spin on the iconic figure of the superhero looks to reveal the flaws in the staged extroversion of the superficial veneer.

The artist examines gender identities and roles, exhibiting a male-dominated world where Chevrier’s subjects denounce the role given to the female counterpart therein, refusing to play the part of seducer or victim. In the greater body of Chevrier’s work, the images represented range from scenes of conflict, triumph and

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How Nashville can increase its support music and entertainment

  • Joy Styles is represents District 32 in Southeast Nashville on the Metro (Nashville-Davidson County) Council.
  • Nashville Mayor John Cooper has proposed a new music, film and entertainment office.
  • The Metro Council is considering an Entertainment Commission.
  • These will help elevate Nashville’s brand.

You can see it everywhere you turn in Nashville: artists and creativity on display.

It is in the murals across the city, theatre at Tennessee Performing Arts Center, public art such as “Stix,” the wooden poles at the Korean Veterans Parkway traffic circle, and, of course, the life blood of Nashville: music.

Songs that spill out of the honky-tonks on Broadway, and the life-changing songs that are written on Music Row. We are, after all, Music City, U.S.A.

But our description as Music City is expanding now in a great way. In addition to creating, producing and showcasing music, we also have video gaming, virtual reality, film and

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