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All Things Strathmore Podcast

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Our Marketing Manager, Sara Prentice, recently sat down with the hosts of The Sharpened Artist Podcast to talk all things Strathmore paper.

The Sharpened Artist was created by John Middick as a resource for artists to gain useful information about materials, techniques, art businesses, and fundamental skills to become an artist on your own. John spent years deep-diving into the medium of colored pencil, gaining as much useful knowledge as possible. His goal is to save other artists all the time and effort of learning about art by sharing everything relevant he's already learned in one place.

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The Sharpened Artist Podcast, Episode 336 – All Things Strathmore Paper

Hosts John Middick and Barb Sotiropoulos chatted with Strathmore Marketing Manager Sara Prentice on the show to talk about Strathmore Paper. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Strathmore history: the founder, the naming of the company, how the logo was selected
  • How artists are selected for the pad covers
  • Sustainability practices and recycled papers
  • Paper longevity and archival qualities
  • Internal and external sizing to allow paper to react to moisture properly
  • Vegan practices in papermaking
  • The best paper for colored pencils
  • What Bristol paper is: smooth vs vellum surface
  • The Strathmore website and blog as a resource on materials and paper
  • Understanding matching the right paper types with your mediums
  • Strathmore ambassadors
  • Understanding the Strathmore Series to pick the best paper for your needs

We hope you find this Podcast useful and informative and that it guides you in selecting the right surfaces for the best possible outcome of your work!


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