Day: June 12, 2021

Acadiana Center for the Arts camp teaches kids to transform doodles

Children explored different art techniques and tools as they “transformed their doodles” into stickers, bookmarks, placemats and larger-than-life replicas at the Acadiana Center for the Arts this week.

AcA kicked off its summer camp sessions with “Transform Your Doodles” for campers ages 6-12. While learning to bring their drawings to life, they also worked on critical thinking skills, collaboration and problem-solving.

The group started Monday with a blank page, drawing circles and turning them into donuts, faces and whatever they wanted. After the brainstorming doodle session, they took a photo of the drawing with an iPad and used a free digital art program called Fresco to color it with their fingers. By Friday they had turned their drawing into a sticker.

“Some were really different from what they started with,” said Bree Sargent, education director at AcA. 

That illustrated a lesson Sargent and camp leaders taught throughout the week —

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