Day: June 24, 2021

Top 5 Leica Cameras You Can Buy In 2021

Leica is one of the most celebrated camera brands. Based in Germany, Leica is a trusted camera manufacturer for photographers around the world. Reading reviews can help you to buy EVERYTHING at the best price. German people also use trusted platforms to read online reviews that help them make the right decisions. The website is among the leading German reviews websites where people read reviews to choose the best products for their value. Speaking of value, Leica cameras are also popular for being high-priced. This feature makes them less popular in everyone’s hands, but pros do prefer using Leica cameras. This article outlines 5 of the best Leica cameras you should buy in 2021. 

  1. Leica M10-R

Talk about a high price! This Leica camera is unlike any other camera you can have your hands on. The M10-R features an old-school design, so most people who don’t know much about … Read More

Madden NFL 22 Trailer Reveals Franchise Mode Improvements

In a new video, Electronic Arts has revealed information about Madden NFL 22‘s franchise mode. The mode will give players greater access to the overall coaching staff, from the head coach, to the offensive and defensive coordinators, to player personnel. This year’s game will even have an RPG-style talent tree system, allowing greater ability to make the franchise staff fit the player’s specific style. Using the talent tree system will require staff points. Staff points are earned weekly through various accomplishments in the game. There will apparently be 60 talents to choose from when the game launches, and more will be released down the line.

Weekly strategy will play a big part in franchise mode, forcing players to take several factors into consideration, including fatigue levels, the intensity of each practice, and more. Players will also have new tools to assess performance at halftime, allowing them to make greater

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