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Use Your Artistic Flare to Liven Up the Traditional Party

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As you start planning your next holiday, anniversary, or birthday party, consider using your creativity to liven up what might otherwise be just another boring get together. If you are like most people, you stick to tradition when planning a party. Don’t avoid those tried and true elements of a party. Simply add a bit of artistic flare to the event in order to spice things up.

The Food

When it comes to buffet foods for large groups it is hard to be exotic. You need to choose dishes that can be kept warm without losing their flavor. Rather than trying new foods, change the way you present it. Serve food on brightly colored platters and bowls for a Mexican theme. Mix in pieces from the bride’s china pattern of choice for a shower.

The Decorations

Skip the usual streamers and balloons for items that both look stunning and can be sent home with guests to use in their own homes. Battery powered lanterns are perfect for evening parties while silk flower arrangements are ideal for afternoons. Browse gift shops for home decor items that match the theme of the party or reflect the guest of honors tastes.

The Games

Most people simply endure the typical games played at gatherings. Instead of party games, incorporate yard games into the entertainment. Make them unique to your event by looking for custom made equipment like special ordered cornhole boards. You can also set up activities that get people up and mingling like photo booths for adults and bounce houses for the kids. You can also go in a totally different direction and show an outdoor movie for fun.

By using a little creative license during your party planning, you can put a new spin on the food, decorations, and games. Your guest of honor will love the time you put into their party, and everyone that attends will be talking about it for years to come.

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