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Trove of Wyeth Paintings to Enter Museum Collections

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One of the things Betsy Wyeth planned before her death in 2020 was the bequest of a group of 7,000 of her late husband Andy’s paintings and drawings.

Andrew Wyeth, Goodbye, 2008

“The Foundation’s collection is both broad and deep—and the majority of the works have never been exhibited publicly. Among the unusual elements are 70 of Wyeth’s oil paintings—very rare works, principally from the 1930s, when he experimented with the medium before adopting tempera and watercolor as his preferred mediums. These paintings—such as Fox Grass Below Adams (1934), currently on view at the Brandywine—reflect prevalent themes, yet their style and approach demonstrate his evolution as an artist over his entire career. Wyeth is best known for his tempera paintings, 48 of which are in the collection, including his 1966 tribute to his wife Betsy, titled Maga’s Daughter; Black Hunter (1938), an rare example of an early tempera; and Wyeth’s last major painting, Goodbye (2008), which has rarely been seen publicly. The collection features over 2,000 of Wyeth’s watercolors, for which he is renown—many rendered using the “dry brush” technique.”

Thousands of Andrew Wyeth Paintings Have Never Been Seen by the Public—Until Now

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