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Themes, Passions, and Inspirations: The Art of Thomas Brunger

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Themes, Passions, and Inspirations: The Art of Thomas Brunger

Thomas (Tom) Brunger’s artwork has been admired and respected by collectors, museums, and critics throughout his career. Tom started painting in small room inside his home until his inspiration and creativity gradually filled the house with canvases and sculptures. He is now ensconced in a studio on the historic North Side of Pittsburgh.

To experience Tom’s art is to reflect upon contemporary society. He intertwines nature and romance with the political, social, and philosophical statements of the day. The beauty and sheer force of Tom’s works first lead the eye and heart to the passion of color and form. Once the viewer has been moved by the power of his works, the subtleties of life come to the forefront and the intellect and soul are touched.

Tom’s approach blends geometric and mathematical components with the organic beauty of nature. He often takes the minutiae of the details and magnifies them to reveal the significance of the vitality and totality of nature. Numerology based on the eternal number 3 and its impact on aspects of Ancient beliefs, nature, and current philosophical thoughts are ever-present in Tom’s works. Pi and its relationship with humankind have played important roles in the development of his themes. History, sociology, and philosophy have been translated into his work.

The collector can discover Tom’s passionate art in oils, pastels, watercolors, and sculptures. His sculptures are made of aluminum, plastics, bronze castings, wood, and sometimes every day objects such as musical instruments and pipes. The range from large pieces that make bold statements to small pieces that are intrinsic and thought-provoking.

Tom Brunger’s art work inspires, amuses, evokes thoughtful discourse, and is beautiful.

Tom received his formal education at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design. He has won awards and his works have been collected by museums as well as by private collectors. He exhibits in galleries and on Discover Original Art’s online gallery.

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