December 6, 2023


Adorn your Feelings

The Nail Art Perfect for Each Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

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If you’re thinking of updating your nail look but have no idea where to start, astrology has you covered. Not only do the stars play a role in our fate, but they can also guide us in our style preferences, including nail art styles. To help you find the one that best fits your celestial vibe, I’ve used my background as an astrologer to curate a list of new nail art styles that suit each zodiac sign’s specific cosmic sensibilities.

Check out the ultimate list of nail art for your zodiac sign below.


We all know Aries likes to be the best at everything they do, which is why they will only choose a nail art look that shows off their fabulousness. As you can see, Aries definitely gets several gold stars for awesomeness.


The bull loves bling of any kind. If it sparkles and radiates light, then Taurus will want to adorn their delicate hooves with bewitching jewels. The more ice, the better. This Venusian babe will be dripping in shimmering sparkles 24/7 this summer.


As we know, the twins have two different sides to them. Therefore, their nail art should reflect both sides of that dualistic nature. This look will pay homage to both the sensitivities and all of the intellectual emotions of airy and chill Gemini.


Cancer’s moods change like the moon, but through it all, they always manage to find their peace of mind. All the more reason for the crab to dress their pincers in lilac ombré nail art (the color of Cancer) that shows their varying emotions.


Just like the fearless lion, these paws are downright F-I-E-R-C-E. Plus, they will also serve as a reminder to even the most passive and mellow of kittycats that they are meant to take charge and rule the jungle. Meow!


Virgo likes simplicity when it comes to their fashion and nails. However, since it is now summer, they could use a pop of color and a basic design with minimal frills to offset their nude nail polish— a nail art remix.


Libra has a refined sense of style, which is why they’ll opt to paint their nails in a light and airy way that oozes coolness. The fine balance of color and light will make them feel centered and chill when looking at their claws.


Scorpios are edgier than the other signs. After all, Halloween happens during Scorpio season. They will totally want to paint their claws with mystical vibes—if only to warn others that if they’re irked, their venomous stingers will protect them from trouble.


Never has there ever been nail art that aligned more with Sag. They’ll rush to paint this look on their nails. The archer’s signature color is purple (which represents luck), and this style has the tagline of Sagittarius (and Nike) written in bold print: “Just do it.”


The sea-goat likes functional makeup and nail looks that have a little glitz and dazzle to them. The metallic drizzle in this nail art will make them feel as though their chicness is on top of the world.


The modern planetary ruler of the water-bearer is Uranus, who rules the sky. All the more reason for airy Aquarius to want to adorn their nails with marshmallow-fluffy clouds. This look will become their go-to nail decoration for years to come.


Pisces loves to adorn themselves with glamorous looks, which is why they’ll flip over the chance to paint their nails with rich brush strokes that radiate color, positivity, and beauty. Pisces needs to show off their creativity and artistry—and these nails do just that. | Newsphere by AF themes.