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The Art of Mentalism and Seduction

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The Art of Mentalism and Seduction

Some people have considered it strange that non of the so-called seduction gurus or dating coaches out there have never learned how to effectively incorporate the art of mentalism into the methods they use and teach, not even for themselves. Until recently there was no way to bring the full power of mentalism to bare in such a way to improve your dating and sex life. The good news is that now men every where might finally have the resources, insights, and understandings they need to use one of the most powerful forms persuasion know to man to improve their love lives now that the quest to bring the learnings of the seduction community into a full expression with the hammer of mentalism has begun.

The reason mentalism is so relevant to seduction is due to the principles of perception. As they say in the mentalism community, PERCEPTION IS REALITY! And, of course, mentalism is the art of creating someone’s perception (or interpretation) of their experience of reality in your presence. Just think about what that means! How many times for instance has a woman you really liked rejected you even though everything else was going fine or, better yet, any of the times a woman obviously really did like you as well but later just disappeared or went completely cold towards you. The perception she is attaching towards being with you doesn’t consist of any meaning compelling enough to want to follow through. That is why there is a huge whole in the traditional dating and seduction advice industry and why mentalism is the only cure.

So how does mentalism work. Well, lets use you (the reader) as an example to illustrate the power of mentalism. People obviously behave according to the mood they are in and in response to what is happening to them. If you are in a good mood your behavior will reflect that but anyone could change your mood and thus your behavior by causing certain things to happen to you. For instance, your boss could get you in a good mood by offering you the promotion at work over everyone else who was competing for it or he could get you in a bad mood by constantly nit picking and being over critical of every little move you make. It’s important to note that in such situations he would be the one in control of the changes in your mood and what things means to and for you (your perception) in that moment of time which means he is the one deciding how you feel, respond, and think as it relates to him. Because we know that peoples behavior is based off their moods and responses to what’s happening to them, and that their mood is directly a consequence of what’s happening to them and vice versa, we can then say that a good definition of perception would be to say that a person’s perception is the meanings a they give to their moods and what’s happening to them at any given moment in time. There for, if a person were to learn how to use mentalism romantically they could possibly become good at knowing how to influence the perceptions and meanings a woman attributes to being with and around them. The skill of influencing one’s perception has always been the essence of mentalism.

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