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The Art Of Indian Handicrafts

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The Art Of Indian Handicrafts

India is well-known for its rich heritage and amazing culture. The artisans of India are famous for carving attractive pieces of art. Indian handicrafts are the most beautiful work of art as these attractive pieces are created by hand.

Handicrafts are a type of artwork that utilizes the hands or simple tools to create decorative pieces that can be useful, as well as remarkable for displaying for decoration. They are stunning to look at and these art pieces can even be considered as a gateway to the ethnic Indian heritage.

Many places in India are famous for having their own style of handicrafts, which reflect the different technique of art, as well as the diverse culture and tradition. Therefore, whenever a person purchases a handcrafted item, they are taking a piece of India into their home.

A handicraft is a term that is related to a traditional way of making goods. One of the best things about handicrafts is the individuality of the art piece that has been created. As all of the work that goes into making of the craft is done by hand, this means that no two pieces are the same. They can be similar to each other, but they can never be the same and that is what attracts people to buy handicrafts.

What prevents handicrafts from falling under the category of arts and crafts is that they are mainly made for the intent of getting used or worn. This means they serve a purpose to the buyer beyond mere decoration. Another way that handicrafts are different from arts and crafts is that they are considered to be a part of a community’s traditions, whereas arts and crafts are generally considered to be more of a hobby.

Indian handicrafts have a very rich history attached to them. Handicrafts have been made in the Indian subcontinent since the beginning of Indus Valley civilization, around 5,000 years ago. Many excavations have found that the people at that time actively made handicrafts and even created these pieces for trading purposes.

This art became a livelihood for people in the Mauryan and the post Mauryan age, as well as in the Gupta age. The Medieval period of India’s history saw the art of handicrafts spread from Northern to Southern India, as well as to Deccan India.

Nowadays, handicrafts are available all over India at many different places. You can buy them from wholesale shops, retailers or in online shops. So, purchase an attractive piece of Indian handicraft now for decorating your home!

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