September 21, 2023


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Tantric Philosophy and Art of Initiation of a Virgin

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A virgin is one of the wonders of nature. You may call it Gods gift to man. The creation of Eve was a gift to Adam from God. Maybe it is mythology but the significance is that a woman is a part of mans quest for salvation.

Hindu religion in particular lays great stress on procreation. Tantric philosophy advocates for almost 4000 years that the act of procreation is sacred and can lead to a path to God. The question which is in the mind of a lot many people is, as to how tantric thought and philosophy relates to a virgin. In a strict sense a virgin is a girl who has never had sex.Classical theory in all religions accepts that the sign of virginity is the hymen. But now in the present age this may not be a fact as the hymen can be ruptured with a lot many other activities.

The act of initiating a girl into the sex act involves the breaking of the hymen and is often referred to as deflowering. It is a term that hinges on the mind of both the man and the girl. In classical language as eulogized by poets and writers it is the taking away of innocence and graduation to the world of a woman. This happens when a woman is first penetrated. As Tantric philosophy treats sex as sacred it will be one of the best adjuncts to achieving God as well initiating a young disciple to a world that she would never have seen. What better than to take her innocence and at the same time to try and achieve sublime bliss by going closer to God?

It goes without saying that a girl treats her virginity far more emotionally and hence it is important to initiate her with tenderness and love so that the occasion becomes a memorable one for her. Awakening her senses will be a real test for the man. Once a man has decided to deflower the girl then he must remember that Tantra centers in large part around the concept of shakti power or energy, in all its many forms. It is this Shakti that must be harnessed for this act of defloweration. As tantra involves giving yourself of your own free will, it is important for the girl be aware of this act and give her accent for it. The girl could be a beloved or a bride but she must be ready mentally.

To follow up on this selecting a nice room with a good bed with decorative sheets is of great importance. The room must be purified and burning of incense and decoration with aromatic flowers will create the right mood. A MP3 disc with hymns and chants from the prayers can be played softly at a low volume.

The girl will not know much except the fact that she is going to gift the man something very precious. Thus it is important to take the girl into the room and talk to her for long on the art of love. Relate to her the theory of tantra and the fact that the sex act can lead to exciting possibilities like a peep even to earlier births. Tell her everything and relate the stories of Shiva and his consort the goddess Shakti. Kiss her softly for as long as possible and take the next step only when you find that she is willing. Disrobe her slowly and use soft kisses to awaken the girl. Once she is nude keep up the nibbles and kisses till she is relaxed. Making her relax is of the utmost importance so that no tension should exist. Kiss the toes and slowly move upwards. Continue kissing and after some time take her permission to massage her body softly with almond oil. Continue till the girl becomes an active partner and only then move to the next step. This will also help remove her shyness.

Do not rush to the next step. In case you feel a surge of power control yourself and think of God till your partner is also near your level of excitement. Continue as per Vatsyayana and kiss and bite all parts of her body. Make it a point to dwell long on her sex with your tongue and in particular the clitoris till the girl is relaxed and she does have an orgasm. This is important as the next step will be easier.

Enter the girl slowly and if need be move only when the girl responds. In case you have followed the earlier rituals faithfully there is a good chance that she will welcome you inside her. Taking a girl’s virginity is one of the great acts in a human life. It is her transformation from a maiden to a woman and the significance needs to be appreciated. Sexual union (maithuana) as per tantric thought is a method to awaken and harness the inner energy. Remember that the act of procreation is god’s gift and there are most severe injunctions against any form of abuse. Use no coercion whatsoever and let the act flow like the river as it meanders into the ocean. Make it memorable for you and her.

At some stage after prolonged foreplay a thrust may be necessary. Do it gently. Some blood may ensue. Treat it as sacred. The act of procreation is Gods gift for the survival of the human race.Treat it as a sacred duty and you will feel an intense sense of satisfaction. Maybe you might discover the secret of life.

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