Little Fish: Read the short story that inspired the movie

Before Aja Gabel made waves with her debut novel The Ensemble, she wrote a short story about an Alzheimers-like memory loss that sweeps the globe, crippling travel, disrupting society, and threatening our very way of life (sound familiar?). The novel was optioned, with The Batman screenwriter Mattson Tomlin tackling the script, and Little Fish was filmed almost a year ago. The flick finally hits viewers on February 5, but EW is exclusively reprinting the story for your reading pleasure (or, your nightmares).

Little Fish

August, twenty-six months ago.

This is my earliest memory. I was twenty-nine. The last waterslide park in northern California was closing at the end of the summer, and I felt I owed it to my childhood to take one last run. I shivered in the wind at the top of the snarl of the plastic slides, picking at my old, too-small bathing suit and clutching

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Discover an Inspired Mix of Styles in This Connecticut Country House

One might find it rather curious that a classically minded interior designer like Matthew Patrick Smyth would leave his beloved 18th-century weekend retreat in Sharon, Connecticut, for a neglected 1970s prefab in the woods. But when he was notified of a price reduction on the listing he had been tracking in nearby Salisbury (Smyth is a self-proclaimed real estate junkie), he didn’t think twice. “I immediately went to see the property and ended up buying it that same day,” says the Manhattan-based Smyth, who also keeps an apartment in Paris. “My friends thought I was crazy, but I needed a change and I wanted the challenge of tackling a ranch house like this.” The 2,200-square-foot residence, originally constructed for a Pan Am pilot by the custom prefab company Deck House (now Acorn Deck House Company), fell into disrepair after having been rented out for years. “The home was a mess,

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