Jujutsu Kaisen Art Imagines Megumi in Different Anime Styles

Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami has risen the ranks of Shonen franchises in its relatively short history since hitting the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018, with one fan artist deciding to imagine one of the “Big Three” of the series in the style of other anime franchises. While Yuji Itadori might be the star of the show and Gojo Satoru has gained insane notoriety among the anime community, Megumi Fushiguro has exhibited some insane moves throughout the first season of the anime which has definitely seen him earn his place within the ranks of Jujutsu Tech.

While Yuji Itadori has the power derived from the king of the curses residing in his body and Nobara Kusogaki wields voodoo dolls and nails to help in battling the supernatural, Megumi is just a tad different when it comes to his insane abilities. Able to summon several spirit animals to his

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‘Astro Boy:’ The Turning Point of Manga and Anime

UCI Libraries hosted a Zoom webinar in light of the growing collection of manga and anime in their 30 year anniversary of the founding of their virtual exhibit, the East Asian Collection, on Jan. 14. The webinar lasted for an hour, with the second half of the event being dedicated to questions that the audience submitted after listening to the presentation.

UCI Libraries paid tribute to the series “Astro Boy,” a popular manga that influenced Japanese culture and became a worldwide phenomenon. The event focused on the history of “Astro Boy” as well as the large amount of influence Japan has through its unique art styles and popular culture. This included the production of humanoid robots as well as the creation of certain American films, such as “The Lion King.

Biological Sciences Research Librarian John Sisson and Asian Studies Research Librarian Dr. Ying Zhang teamed up

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