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See Inside Serena Williams’s Miami Mansion

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When you’re a 23-time Grand Slam singles title winner, you need a home that matches your game. Fortunately, tennis legend Serena Williams’s home does just that. She stars on the cover of AD’s March issue, where she gives the outlet a tour of her extravagant Spanish Mediterranean–style estate north of Miami… or as I like to call it, Miami’s most exclusive art museum.

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Five years ago, Serena purchased this 14,500-square-foot property determined to manifest her dream home. “I was moving away from Venus for the first time in my life, so I wanted it to be really meaningful,” she told AD. However, bringing her design ideas to life was easier said than done. “I’m really good at playing tennis; I’m not as good at interiors,” she said, adding that she enlisted help from the absolute best person to help her tackle this project: her sister Venus Williams and her interior design firm V Starr. And when two of the most accomplished women put their heads together, the results are stunning.

As Serena explains in the video tour above, she wanted a living room that was formal, but not traditional. She opted for art gallery filled with eclectic artwork, including some of her own paintings (yes, she wears many hats). It’s like a mini-museum inside her home. Truthfully, I’d argue that the museum doesn’t stop at the gallery, though. Inside Serena’s library is another must-see piece: a see-through piano. Not to mention she has a trophy room to browse, although the collection is limited. (The tennis pro explains that many of her Grand Slam trophies are stored elsewhere and that she doesn’t keep second-place trophies—talk about a champion!).

Serena also shows off her karaoke/media room, which is swathed in sparkly custom-made 3D wallpaper. She explains that she didn’t want a traditional movie theater space in her home, but instead something more functional. The space includes a small stage, a lounge area with plush aquamarine-colored swivel chairs, and a cozy sitting area with a guitar collection and a neon sign reading “sérénade.”

serena williams karaoke room

Architectural Digest

While Serena keeps her video tour short, it’s clear her space serves up some style. You can see more of her striking home in the latest issue of AD.

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