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Season Three of Stargirl: What We can Tell You

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If you know the name Geoff Johns, you’ve likely read his many comics or watched his hit series, Stargirl. This show brings a sense of humor to serious subjects and explores many fascinating topics. Could season three add a major twist to the series that we haven’t seen yet? Fans are already talking, particularly after a surprising interview with Stargirl lead Brec Bassinger leaked a bit more than expected.

What Brec Bassinger Said

While many great actors and actresses have appeared in Stargirl so far, Brec Bassinger has been by far the biggest breakout success. Her portrayal of Stargirl is nuanced and skilled, bringing humor and depth to the character. A recent interview with her caught the actress in a talkative mood.

During this interview, Bassinger not only revealed the theme of the next season (frenemies) but slipped the detail that a murder mystery may center the plot. This news was huge because it was the first big teaser into the third season and has already gotten a lot of people talking and exciting.

What Does Frenemies Mean?

If you’ve never heard the term before, frenemies refers to someone with whom you have a difficult or complex relationship. For example, they may be an enemy who temporarily becomes a friend in a challenging situation. In Stargirl, this term could refer to many possible plot points.

For instance, season two ended with the defeat of Mr. Bones and two enemies moving directly next door to Stargirl’s home. Could this be the start of a beautiful frenemy dynamic? How might this move the plot forward? So far, it’s impossible to tell and Bassinger didn’t discuss the point too much.

That said, we could see how this might even bring Mr. Bones back into the series in a fun way. This powerful character may find himself in a situation where he has to help his old enemies or vice versa, producing a dynamic that will bring a lot of tension and excitement to the series.

What Would a Murder Mystery Bring to the Show?

While a murder mystery for season three might seem kind of old-fashioned, there’s a lot that this type of plot could do for the show. Just think of the thrilling sense of the unknown that a good mystery might bring to the show, as well as the potential for violence that might occur as a result.

After all, the former Justice Society was known for being violent and, while the current group is trying to move away from that, it’s hard to be a superhero group without violence. Is there a chance that a murder mystery could connect to this past? Absolutely: and Johns will make it hit hard.

Could This Lead to a Season Four?

If season three is exciting enough and brings enough views, it’s not out of bounds to believe that season four might already be in the works. We know Johns and his work ethic and believe that he probably already has a fourth season at least plotted. If you love this show and want to see it reach all new heights, it is important to watch the third season to ensure that a fourth gets approved.

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