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Preparing a Watercolour Gouache Palette for Painting on Location

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Painting on location has been a key component of my observe for numerous years and watercolour gouache has become 1 of my core products to use, but I desired to find a way to put together and transportation it as competently as probable without having compromising on the attributes of the content by itself. In this article, I share my experiments making ready a watercolour gouache palette to use on area as nicely as ideas for choosing your colors based on site, season and atmosphere.


Painting on Location

My place painting kit has absent by many, several iterations – from using a few pencils and a water brush with a very small sketchbook and pre-manufactured watercolour set, to a total bag comprehensive of anything I really like. Using combined media the way that I do can finish up staying pretty a significant load on the back!



I like to be capable to create levels of opaque paint, but I also enjoy the transparent layers you can establish with inks and watercolour. In the past I have taken person tubes of paint with me, or self curated watercolour palettes, mixing ink and watercolour with gouache or acrylic gouache to get the regularity I required. This can be fairly a extensive approach, and it is generally messy! My close friends will attest to the actuality that I am not the neatest worker, and by the stop of a drawing stint I would typically be surrounded by tubes and a really grubby, sludge colored palette, complete of fifty percent dried out paint that rapidly became unusable (and natures detritus did not assist both). I’ve been striving to discover methods to make this much easier for myself given that late 2019, immediately after I took a trip to London at Christmas to attract at the organic historical past museum with so many products in my backpack I had to get a individual overnight bag and my shoulders hurt for the future three times. These times, I attempt to pack pretty much – to be knowledgeable of the area that I intend to draw, do a minor little bit of investigate and assume about the colours I may possibly use as well as the products I may well want.



Why Watercolour Gouache?

I have tried a lot of diverse supplies mixtures together the way, often with the aim of having the ambiance of a spot. I use dry materials like coloured pencils and pastels, mainly because they travel so very easily, and you can mix supplies like the Derwent Inktense Pencils or Faber Castell Albrecht Durer Watercolour Markers with a h2o brush pen. Still I generally gravitate again in the direction of drinking water based mostly paints or inks, and overlook them when I really do not have them. I would usually pack a white gouache or acrylic gouache, and then probably a several individual colours that are a very little uncommon or more durable to mix. I curated my personal compact watercolour palettes, but when getting to paper struggled to get the opacity I needed in the last layers of my drawing without employing a good deal of pencil. When I 1st tried using watercolour gouache, I realised that this medium could remedy a whole lot of the challenges I was owning. I try to remember the very first colours I picked of the Shin Han Go Watercolour Gouache ended up Indigo, Linden Environmentally friendly, White and Shell Pink. They had been on advertising, and they sounded interesting and I am absolutely a sucker for an strange item but I was sceptical about how they would function, and if they really could perform as the two watercolour and gouache.


Shinhan Go Watercolour and Gouache Hybrid Paint


I ended up rocketing by way of my 1st tubes, and promptly procured yet another Indigo and White, stressing that they would market out. (I’m like that – multiples of all my favourites just in circumstance) I finished up utilizing them frequently on locale. Owing to the matt nature of watercolour gouache, they are straightforward to layer and attract in excess of, and they dry somewhat speedily way too, which is always useful on area. You can also obtain larger sized regions of flat color with gouache, but I most well-liked the gentle midway issue, where you can nevertheless just about see as a result of a color, and where lighter regions continue to granulate like a watercolour could possibly. The versatility of these paints is seriously what will make them one of a kind for me, and the capability to manipulate them and mix them with other products is so important in my area drawing kit.



Complications I Encountered

The to start with time I tried using to set my watercolour gouache into a palette, I hit a handful of bumps. The initial was a very essential error. These paints are damp and they take a working day or so to dry – study from me, and do not shift the palette about ahead of they have carried out. The first time I decanted into a palette I selected the Frank Herring Compact Palette, which is a very good size, but also has rather a significant gap in the bottom for when your watercolour gouache would like to switch to dust and escape. This is essentially what took place – I discovered brilliant red flakes at the base of my bag, and found out that all brighter and lighter pigments experienced cracked, and in the worst circumstance, crumbled and fallen out completely. I persevered by incorporating much more paints of different colours and some of them appeared to keep in the palette improved. Having said that, these paints really do not behave like watercolour on the page or in the pan, and I discovered myself providing up and likely again to my outdated solutions of unique tubes and a little watercolour palette.


Locating a Way to Make it the Watercolour Gouache Continue to be in the Palette

I did not have a dilemma likely back to my old way of operating on location, but I was continue to annoyed by the person tubes floating close to at the base of just about every bag I owned. Usually, I practically never experienced the one particular I really required, both. I went again to seeking at palettes, and just after asking all around uncovered the Mijello Folding Plastic Palette. My wondering was that if this palette were airtight, the paint would not dry out, and to some extent it worked. Nonetheless, the flaw in the system was that I necessary to open and use the palette in get to paint. Needless to say they also crumbled as nicely, just at a a little slower speed. Yet again, I seen it was the brighter colours that appeared to go first.

I had been experimenting with making some of my individual watercolours with specific pigments, and seeing that Gum Arabic is routinely employed in the creation of watercolour as a pigment binder, I puzzled, could this function for watercolour gouache way too?


Jackson’s Gum Arabic 60 ml


I chose three primary colors, to see if there was any evident correlation involving efficiency and pigment makeup. I utilised a palette knife to blend just one little fall of Gum Arabic to somewhere around a 15 ml of paint, on a dry flat surface area (I applied a airplane tile from a hardware store) and combined the Gum Arabic in totally. I wanted to evaluate how the paint utilized usually, and with the Gum Arabic future to just about every other, so as to see and feel any dissimilarities.


Preparing watercolour gouache location


I designed swatches of the two the Gum Arabic and ordinary paints just before I put them in a palette, to look at how the two selections carried out. I didn’t assume it, but potentially it helps make perception that the pigment appeared to extend further when combined with the Gum Arabic. I had in the beginning been worried that the pigment would be diluted, which would defeat the goal of the complete experiment! The watercolour gouache retained its strength of color and the matt finish, and I nevertheless felt capable to construct it to a entire matt block of colour.


The left swatches of every color are without Gum Arabic and the ideal swatches for every single colour are with Gum Arabic.


I then proceeded to put the Vermillion Hue, Permanent Yellow and Ultramarine Deep paints into the Jackson’s palette, and remaining it open for a working day to dry down, and then shut it for a further two times.


Preparing watercolour gouache location


Finding it up again following this time, I could quickly listen to rattling, and imagined I’d have to go back to the drawing board and uncover an additional medium to make them previous extended and quit breaking. Happily even so, it seemed to do the job, and the paint with the Gum Arabic in appeared to have a whole lot much less cracks than the pure paint. It was the yellow that had shattered completely, but when the Gum Arabic was in the paint it seemed to final for a longer time. I resolved to persevere and blend much more colors with Gum Arabic, hoping that I was onto a thing. Across these three colors, there ended up continue to far more noticeable cracks in the lighter colours, but they appeared to be being place this time.


Watercolour gouache palette prepared with Gum Arabic for portray on locale.


gouache palette

Leading palette: With out Gum Arabic.
Bottom palette: With Gum Arabic.


Making ready a Watercolour Gouache Colour Palette

When deciding on a palette to get on spot, there are multiple items I like to think about, but the major 1 for me is always the time. For example, in the wintertime I might insert an excess blue, or an aubergine from the tube, and transform a shiny eco-friendly for an earth inexperienced. In the Autumn I may well insert Burnt Sienna and Gold rather, to mirror not only the seasonal modifications, but the atmosphere of a season.



Each and every palette I build has a heat and interesting crimson, yellow, blue and white where by relevant. From these, you can make practically each and every color you need to have in accordance to colour theory, and in the previous this is all I have taken out with me. Having said that, as I draw outdoors a ton, and ordinarily choose a location with at least some foliage (my preference is a entire forest but that’s not usually functional), I like to acquire some pre-combined greens. I normally use them straight from the tube, despite the fact that I will usually steer clear of everything termed ‘grass green’ because, in my feeling, that colour identify is a lie and nearly never ever seems to be like grass. At the minute, in the British isles, there is a vivid, almost luminous yellow inexperienced that comes by means of the leaves and grasses when the late sun hits the grass in the length. There’s also warmer olive greens of a bit dry leaves which are colors that I’m achieving for a large amount, so I chose to have individuals in pre-blended variety in my palette.



I also like to make my individual blacks, as I truly feel a chromatic black can glimpse somehow a lot more pure in comparison to a black from the tube, and you can manipulate the colour equilibrium to go well with your drawing. For this watercolour gouache palette, I chose Brown Pink, Shadow Inexperienced and Indigo to go over my ‘darks’ requirements.


watercolour gouache palette


I also opted for some bright and luminous unique colors that are both harder or not possible to combine your self because of to the pigment makeup, and a couple I thought I may use additional of at this time of year. Cambridge appears to be to have a whole lot of purple flowers at the second, so I packed a heliotrope, and of system, barely utilised it. Last of all, I built certain there was a good deal of white, and still took a tube together with me – although I didn’t will need to use it for this drawing.


Watercolour gouache on location


I located this colour vary to get the job done effectively for me at the Botanic Gardens in Cambridge. I know the place perfectly, so experienced a fantastic thought of what I could possibly need, and I finished up applying a great deal of the pre-combined greens as predicted. The most used ended up Sap Eco-friendly and Linden Environmentally friendly. I also used the Luminous Yellow, and a contact of the (nearly luminous) Pink as a bright, but only in the smallest quantities! I propose taking a palette with you that you can blend colors from, but also a single that you experience most cozy with. If you know that you really like muted colours, think about including a couple of all those and it’s possible a dazzling accent, along with the most important colors and white.


Preparing watercolour gouache location

The range of opacity you can get with these paints is great for me when doing the job on location.


Deciding upon a Palette

I chose a Studio Necessities Watertight Folding Plastic Palette 18 Effectively with sufficient home for mixing colours. I know I am a messy worker (the proof is on my palette) so I will need the area to blend away to my heart’s information. The shallow paint parts meant that I did not really feel like I wanted to mix a whole lot of the paint with the Gum Arabic, and was hence significantly less wasteful (specifically as I was not absolutely sure it would function at this position!) Having said that, there is no motive why a usual palette with specific wells would not perform for this. It would be really worth experimenting with filling the wells like watercolour, but I suspect that if you crammed a nicely as well rapidly and didn’t depart levels to dry, the watercolour gouache would be additional possible to crack immediately after drying. The airtight palette implies that apart the time the palette is in use, the paint is not drying out, and thus will increase the longevity of the paint.



Mark Creating with Watercolour Gouache

I like the array of textures and marks you can get with watercolour gouache. You can quite evidently see brushstrokes and parts the place the paint is extra opaque. I locate this priceless for including flashes of brighter colour, or doing the job about the best of current marks. Typically, it’s quite simple to work with, for me it is less difficult than watercolour, and feels extra fluid when you squeeze it out of the tube far too. You continue to get that stunning granulation when you blend selected colors on your palette. When I combined the Ultramarine Deep, Vermillion Hue and Lasting Yellow at distinctive ratios, it was so simple to get a textured watercolour result. On location I use a refillable drinking water brush pen and owing to the artificial hairs they can just take fairly a little bit of rough perform and however keep their shape. From time to time, I scrape the paint on, and I have been recognised to use my fingers way too to get a softness when the paint is tacky. I ought to insert that getting some type of soaked wipe with you is really crucial if you want to check out this method.


Preparing watercolour gouache location



Some Final Thoughts

I left the palette of watercolour gouache mixed with Gum Arabic by yourself for a few of weeks. It’s been warm and dry listed here in the Uk, and the palette was saved in packing containers, but I was a bit upset to see on opening it all over again that a couple of the colours had crumbled. Some of them ended up the exact same culprits as in advance of – the Cerulean and White both had deep cracks and were being broken. Nonetheless, the Lemon Yellow and Pink appear to be to have held up a good deal far better with the addition of Gum Arabic. This is an experiment wherever there are a great deal of factors at perform, and it could be the way the paint has spread (or not unfold) in the pan, or how thoroughly I mixed the Gum Arabic in. I assume it’s probably worthy of me adding a minimal more Gum Arabic to the colors that seem to be to crumble, as the change in the regularity although portray was nominal in my view. Or probably I’ll try and obtain a unique blue that has the exact perform in my palette, but is happier there! And, of system, choose a independent tube of white along way too. I do use a whole lot in any case!

If you are going on a split for a couple of weeks, and really do not want to consider each tube of paint with you, I have observed that this palette is a very good substitute and will not consider up that treasured liquid allowance and suitcase area. I’m heading to persevere with adding Gum Arabic in various portions, largely because I really feel like I’ve obtained an notion I do not want to allow go, but also for the sake of my back again!


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