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Outdoor Mixed Media Installations by Susan Togut I Artsy Shark

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Mixed media artist Susan Togut shares a selection of environmental installations and gallery works inspired by the cycles of nature—life, renewal and ascension. Learn more about her work on her website.


mixed media outdoor installation by Susan Togut

“Contemplating Immortality” (from the Gimme Shelter exhibition) wisteria, vines and other natural elements, river glass, rope, fishing line and hardware, 30’h x 60’diameter


The unknown in creativity is magical and welcomed while uncertainty in life is often fearful and unsettling. Art lends beauty, meaning and illumination. It helps us positively transform life’s challenges during highly stressed times.


outdoor art installation by Susan Togut

“Seasons of Transcendence” (from the Psych Out exhibition) living trees, tree limbs, branches and wisteria roots, lexan, stained glass paint, leading, aircraft cable, fishing line and hand-painted rocks, 80’h x 20’w x 22′


Art is my life-force, inspired by nature. My journey unfolds like moving waves, shaped by shifting boundaries in harmonic order. As a long-time public and gallery artist, educator and art therapist, I believe that creative dimensions inform each other. I integrate personal perspectives with worldly concerns as each experience forms the boundaries of the next and then, the next.


Artist Susan Togut "Crossroads"

“Crossroads; Transforming Uncertainty” (ongoing) trees, lexan, stained glass paint, leading, branches, aircraft cable and hardware – 20 varied sized installations on two sides of a 1/4 mile rail trail


Drawn to art from early childhood, my career developed through a fine arts education in the form of an MFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Over many years, I’ve balanced my artistic evolution while orchestrating individual and community revitalization programs and collaborative public art. This work occurs in educational, community and healthcare settings with people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, disabilities and illnesses.


Emergent Wisdom public art

“Emergent Wisdom” (ongoing) ; tree limbs, branches, vines, lexan, stained glass paint, leading, river glass, fishing line and hardware, 18’h x 20’w x 13′


My self-created public art and gallery works embody transformative states including life, death, regeneration, metamorphosis and ascension. Outdoors, I create contemplative and immersive environments that are site-specific and change over time. Some interact with waterways.


Mixed media installation "Wings" by Susan Togut

“Wings of Time and Renewal” (sculpture on right; detail on left) wood, paint, branches, scrim fabrics and broken glass, 72″h x 48″w x 7″d x 7″d


Indoors, I create installations, sculptures, dimensional wall pieces and paintings. Embracing change, transforming uncertainty, propagating renewal through reciprocity and collaboration, joining fragility with strength, are underlying philosophic ideas.


Artist Susan Togut Sunset Ephiphany

“Sunset Epiphany” Wood, lexan, paper, stained glass and acrylic paint,
leading branches, broken glass, 35″h x 65″w x 6″d.


I study nature’s changing states as symbolized in the fluidity of water, shifting skyscapes and ephemeral wings. At times, ecological, social justice and other concerns emerge.


mixed media wall sculpture by Susan Togut

“Springtime Rebirth” (right – sculpture; left top and bottom – details) wood, lexan, paper, stained glass and acrylic paint, leading, branches and broken glass, 35″h x 65″w x 6″d


Interweaving varied dimensions, I explore ideas and approaches in series. I experiment with diverse materials, techniques, content and symbolism. I discover beautiful, content-rich elements in nature, as well as recycle bins, including beehives, bird nests, branches, vines, rusted steel and broken glass.


mixed media outdoor installation by Susan Togut

“Roots of Ascension” living and dead trees, limbs, roots, grapevines, lexan, stained glass paint, rope, aircraft cable, fishing line and hardware, 18’h x 45’w x 30’d


Public art combines the stability and resilience of trees and natural elements with the fragility and changeability of hand-painted, illuminated panels, activated by shifting sun, wind or indoor lighting.


mixed media sculpture by Susan Togut

“Lifeforce Arising” tree parts, branches, bark, vines, water weeds, milkweed and metal,, Each sculpture is approximately 70″h x 28″w x 24″d


Sculptures that reflect nature’s cycles include ephemeral natural and man-made elements like milkweed and glass. Wall pieces with wings coming off surfaces symbolize ascending energy of loved ones and their descending guidance and protection. Wall pieces with illuminated layers in shadow boxes have holographic effects. All of these works embrace uncertainty as fragility transforms into strength and resilience.


mixed media sculpture by Susan Togut

“Circles of Time” beehive, bird’s nest, branches, vines, broken glass and fishing line, 60″h x 40″w x 23″


During the pandemic and emergent periods, I created diverse indoor and outdoor works. These include mobiles with beehives, nests and glass, intimate sculptures with birds and mixed-media totems. A trail environment I installed in Voorheesville, New York is renewed and expanded each year. I will be placing multiple installations along the eight-mile Hudson Valley Rail Trail in Lloyd, New York. These highly trafficked trail environments combine natural elements with painted, stained glass components.


mixed media sculpture by Susan Togut

“Journey” bird’s nest, beehive, bark, vines, glass and fishing line, 68″h x 22″w x 14″d


The magical unknown of creativity promotes individual realignment of inner lives to achieve greater engagement, perspective and growth. Simultaneously, creativity contributes to community health, stability and vitality. As with the shaping of waves, I envision successive, upward transformations to achieve expansion and spiritual ascension for individuals and societies.


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