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Laredo ISD participating in LIFE Fair, celebrating Read Across America Week

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For the first week of March, LISD has updated its community calendar and laid out the week. This includes a number of vaccine clinics, the LIFE fair, board meetings and more.

On Tuesday, LISD vaccine clinics will be hosted throughout multiple elementary and middle schools for those that have registered with the city. The clinics will run from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and registrants are expected to show up on time for their appointments at their registered site.

On Monday, the 58th Annual Laredo International Fair and Exposition “Show and Go Expo” Baking, Sewing and Art Show student contest started. The virtual contest is said to give students the opportunity to hone their art skills and talents with over 60 middle school and high school students participating.

They will be entering their art pieces to the art show that will showcase each work until March 6. Submissions from different art styles were submitted including black and white drawings, acrylic painting, mixed media, digital graphics and 3D sculptures.

“We have tripled our numbers of entries in the LIFE Down Art Contest from last year,” said LISD Fine Arts Director David Garza. “This is a great opportunity for our students to exhibit and showcase their work in public. It also allows the students an opportunity to view the work of other students from other schools in the city and explore the different techniques and styles of how to use paint, pencils, clay and other materials to make art.”

According to the district, students who place as Grand and Reserve Grand Champions will have the opportunity to participate in a live auction to sell their artwork. For those who place between first and eighth place, they can participate in the online silent auction.

“I am very thankful to our Laredo ISD Superintendent Dr. Sylvia Rios and the Laredo ISD Board Members for allowing the middle and high school art students this very special opportunity. The Laredo ISD Fine Arts Department plans on expanding our exhibition of student artwork even more next year,” Garza said.

The expo will showcase the talents of students in art, sewing, baking and livestock care. The livestock judging starts on Tuesday, beginning with the hog and rabbit judging. It will be followed by the lamb show on Wednesday, the steer and poultry show on Thursday and the goat show on Friday.

In addition to the LIFE fair this week, LISD has also kicked off its Read Across America Week that spans from Monday to Friday and centers around the legendary Dr. Seuss and his work, including “Green Eggs and Ham,” “The Lorax” and more.

On its first day, it was Fox in Socks Day and students were encouraged to read any book they’d like with their pet or stuffed animal while wearing wacky socks while at home on their blocks.

On Tuesday, students can celebrate the Cat in the Hat Day by reading a book with a crazy hat. And with the stormy, cold weather and the pandemic keeping most inside, perhaps staying in and taking part in a cat’s shenanigans could brighten up the week.

Wednesday will be Lorax Day, and to honor of the brave Lorax who speaks on behalf of nature against those who cause its destruction, students are tasked with reading a book by a tree while wearing a mustache.

For Sleep Book Day, a book, pajamas and one’s friends and family are all that are needed to celebrate the occasion. And while not in Keck County, a good book before bed may help get a good night sleep.

Finally, during the tastiest of all the weekdays, on Friday’s Green Eggs and Ham Day students can dress up in green and read at their desk, here or there, anywhere that they feel comfortable.

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