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How (and where) to practice collage art

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How (and where) to practice collage art

One particular of my main beliefs about collage artwork is that it is not a expertise, but a ability. This means that the more you do it, the greater you get. But how do you practice collage, and exactly where can you locate physical exercises to support you?

In advance of I get into the means I offer to stimulate persons to develop, I want to mention all those that I have learned or heard about.

1st, there are art teams. There are groups that you can come across in particular person in your neighborhood artwork communities, or teams these types of as Fb Teams, which can be fantastic for discovering structured difficulties. There are so a lot of Fb teams for all distinctive forms of arts so you have to do your analysis to see what is the proper for you. You also have to be picky. If you sense that it’s not the proper suit, you have to have to be proactive about slicing your ties and holding on with your lookup.

2nd, there are other social media websites, like Instagram for example, where people will share what worries they are doing work on. When you know what some of those people are, you can stick to them. For example, I have observed a lot of posts on #ICAD or #icad, which is the “index card a day” problem for 30 times. You can adhere to that hashtag to master what the most current prompts are and then use them as inspirations for the kinds of collages you make.

Art by @janaclinardharris, posted on Instagram. The prompt for this ICAD challenge was “lemons”.

If you know of far more destinations to come across practice, do permit me know in the reviews, please. I’d appreciate to find out about far more.

What about the means I deliver?

The most well-known ones are the Collage Weekly Planners, which are gluebooks that have an assignment printed on the web site. You have house on the reverse website page to make your collage. You have 52 months worthy of of collages to keep you a good deal chaotic! The very good factor is that you can perform at your individual speed. 

If you really don’t want to get a entire book and just want the routines so that you can do collage in your individual gluebook, you can acquire just the assignments.

What about a cost-free variation? In the Collage Art Collective, there is a team where by many others operate on assignments. A new assignment is posted each week, which you can see and print out if you would like.

I supply YouTube videos that help novices with collage. I’ve got a complete playlist that may be practical if you like studying from video clips.

And lastly, I offer an on line program that structured for newbies or those who have finished collage artwork but are not confident in their operate. You can come across a lot more data about it in this article. The program is accessible for life and is component of the Collage Artwork Collective.

No matter what you choose to do, I hope you will come across chances to be artistic with collage artwork. The extra you exercise, the greater you are going to get!

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