Homes For Sale Looks Like A New Home


Home buying is an exciting venture, but it can also be challenging. If you’re looking at Houstonhomes for sale, don’t make the mistake of overlooking a gem. Going in with the right eye, and the right expectations can make your search more effective.


The Houston, Texas area sits just north of Atlanta. It is a charming town with lots to offer, including newer as well as more established neighborhoods. In those neighborhoods, and along the Houstonstreets are homes that have incredible potential. Sometimes, though, people miss a great opportunity because they’re focused on the wrong things.


So many times, you hear we buy houses Houston say, “I don’t like the color on the walls,” or “it feels too dark and closed in.” Often, the dated feeling a home project may turn people away before they

have time to recognize some of the treasures a previously owned home may possess.

The Fix

I don’t know if you’ve ever read the children’s book” The Velveteen Rabbit.” Still, it’s a story of how a well-loved and well-worn stuffed bunny was magic to the little boy who loved him, and because of that love, it ultimately became “real.” Well, sometimes, a home needs a little bit of love. Fortunately, there are three easy and inexpensive ways to update a home and make it feel like your own.


This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to transform a room. You may not want to consider a home for sale, knowing that you will have to spend anything at all beyond the sale price. Chances are, however, that you will need to invest in something to make the home exactly how you want it. Why not consider one of the easiest and more affordable projects.


Look at the walls with fresh eyes and imagine how painting a room, or even the whole house could dramatically change the feel. Look at magazines, new home decorating trends, and even your friend’s houses that you admire to get ideas. Lighter, neutral colors will brighten the space and allow for any changes in decor over the years.



Perhaps the Houston home for sale is dark or dated because of the light. Again, look for trends and play with ideas. A small table lamp here or there or a newly updated fixture can cast a mood that better suits what you’re looking for. Light doesn’t necessarily mean glaring, so even merely installing dimmer switches can change the way you view a room.


While this is the more involved of the fixes, it can completely update a home and add value. Installing wood floors in most of the main level, if not all, instantly updates the look. It also eliminates many allergies and cleaning issues. If you have pets or small children and are concerned, there are options for sturdier, laminated flooring. You can also ask your vet to Dremel your pet’s claws. This is a sanding, rather than cutting procedure that rounds and smooths the ends of the nails.


Give a home a chance. The Houston homes for sale that you’re looking at may not be perfect, but with a little love, there could be the magic that makes the house  ́ ‘real” for you and your family. Are you considering purchasing a home in Houston, Texas? Contact us, and we can help you find what you’re looking for.