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Hats in style for spring 2021

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Spring is just around the corner and this means that it is time to take your winter clothes out from the wardrobe and replace them with spring clothes. This transition from winter to spring is not easy at all, especially if you are a person who is keeping up with the trends. However, it is rewarding to put together a nice and trendy outfit. To make a stylish outfit complete, you need a hat. This spring, there are a few different hats that you can opt for if you want to be trendy. 

Flat Caps

There are some trends that just keep coming back, and that’s certainly the case with flat caps. In England and Ireland, flat caps have a long history. In Ireland, they became emblematic of the Irish style. That’s why they are also popular in countries with a large Irish diaspora. However, the popularity of flat caps has risen again thanks to Peaky Blinders. More and more people wanted to sport the iconic look worn by the series’ leading characters. If you are also a fan of the iconic flat cap look, you can click here for Irish flat caps. You’ll find a range of linen flat caps that are appropriate for the spring season The best part about it is that the flat cap is the kind of hat that goes well with both feminine and masculine looks.

Bucket hats

Bucket hats are in this season, especially for women. The bucket hat might seem very bland to some people, but the truth is that these hats can have many different types of designs that can give them a unique look. For example, you can have a crocheted hat or a hat with a unique print. The most important thing is to match the patterns well and to choose the right color. This season it’s all about color combination, especially between pastel colors and more rich and vivid colors, for example red, green, burgundy etc.

Beanie Hats

This trend has been around for some time, and, according to stylists, it won’t go away soon. Beanie hats are predominantly worn by young people, especially young men. Beanies are the go-to for many people because it is a very versatile look. You can wear it straight up, slouchy, pushed back, or you can fold it as much as you like. It goes great with a casual look or even with a more professional casual look. Beanies are also commonly seen in streetwear fashion. 


Berets are also fashionable this season. Berets make great transitional pieces. They are warm, but not warm enough to be winter hats. They are just perfect for the weather at the beginning of spring. Plus, they go so well with long-sleeve dresses or billowy blouses. You can wear the beret with a fancy dress or with a stylish blouse and chic jacket, but you can also wear it with a leather jacket and a pair of jeans. This is what makes this hat such a versatile and stylish accessory.

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