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Graffiti Art – A Solution to Urban Decay?

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Graffiti is a social expression as much as one would associate it as a personal one. Many people who are opposed to graffiti, see it as a reflection of social breakdown, rebellious attitude and a lack of sense of citizenship.

Should graffiti writers be allowed to do anything they wanted? I am a keen believer that ‘controlled graffiti’ has more benefits than negative impacts on the society. It is true that vandalism is not welcome in the society. However, there are many graffiti writers who treat graffiti art as a form of community beautification. By community beautification, I consider graffiti art in urban ‘dead spaces’. They help to spice up abandoned urban blight and educate the public on social issues.

Graffiti art is a contrast to other forms of public art. Art form that requires no gallery hierarchy and no merchandizing and commercial hustle. There is a feeling that public advertising is the real cause of urban decay. Too much commercialism has caused the declined of public interest towards political and social concerns.

Graffiti art is a vehicle for people to connect with. It is the perfect platform for urban dwellers to know what is going on with a city. Looking at the writing on the wall, you can tell what are the social and political problems that are happening in the country.

Graffiti art is the ultimate expression of artistic democracy. It is a true reflection of the culture that it comes from. Graffiti artists send to the public a strong message-we should be more concern with social issues amid the influx of negative commercialism.

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