September 21, 2023


Adorn your Feelings

Filipe Augusto Fall/Winter 2022 – KALTBLUT Magazine

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#ModaLisboa – Workstation. The young designer unveiled his new F/W 22 collection. A celebration of the 2nd of February – Senhora das Candeias, Parish of Canelas, Peso da Régua.

“Legend has it that many years ago, a high society gentleman was bitten by a rabid dog while walking around his farms. Very sick and with little time to live, he turned to the Faith in Nossa Senhora das Candeias and asked her that, if she granted him the miracle of saving him from that illness, he would have a party in her honor until his 5th generation, where he would give a blessed bread and a candle to each family.

Nossa Senhora das Candeias granted him this grace and he, along with his family, honored his promise. As soon as this honor ended on the part of the family, the act became a tradition and the people took care of it: every year, on February 2nd, a celebration is held in honor of Nossa Senhora das Candeias.

A popular belief is related to the weather: “if Nossa Senhora das Candeias is laughing, winter is coming, if she is crying, winter is passing”.

In the afternoon, the band plays lively in the main square of the parish and everyone dances hard to “ribaldeiras” songs. The musicians, despite the cold, play avidly, leading to a genuine party atmosphere.

A Hail Mary should be said to the Virgin of Senhora das Candeias, also called Senhora da Luz, so that she enlightens us and guides us for another year.”

Photos: Ugo Camera


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