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David Heo’s “From Dusk Till Dawn.” Currently on…

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Currently on view at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, California is artist David Heo’s solo exhibition, “From Dusk Till Dawn.”                              

Heo’s new body of work showcases a
range of paintings and collages that draw influence from two personal wells of information; his
southern upbringing in the United States and his first generation Korean-American heritage.

The artist heavily reflects on the emotional pendulum of the last few years, deftly attuned to the
effects of forced personal and cultural introspection. From Dusk Till Dawn presents these
vulnerable content-laden moments as the subject matter. Through these vulnerabilities, he
exposes the dynamics between the depicted moments and their unmasked tensions.

For this exhibition, Heo expands from his early 2020 body of work and excavates symbology
inspired from worldly mythos, Korean folklore, and personal experiences. Based on the
rhythms of aporia, the artist presents these new understandings and reflections intertwined
with vibrant colors, hard-painted edges and a mixed dialogue between mediums. The color
palette and idiosyncratic symbols contrast themselves with gentle tension that exists within our
contemporary times.




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