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UPDATED: Style Weekly has shut down after nearly 39 years | Business News

Style later turned into being a “kind of renegade” publication, she said. “But let me be the first to say that we didn’t plan it that way. We just had so many good lucky breaks and hard work.”

Jason Roop, who started working at Style as a reporter in November 2000 and served as its editor-in-chief for 12 years from April 2005 to May 2017, said Style’s commitment to local journalism and its ability to be nimble and creatively competitive is what made the publication a success.

“Limited resources can propel you to experiment more,” Roop said. “We enjoyed freedom in the kinds of stories we could dig into. Style balanced a tenacity in reporting and serious journalism with a sense of humor that could poke fun at the quirks of Richmond life — and ourselves. But our readers understood that we also lived and worked here, too, and were

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North Texas arts groups prepare for new gun law

Editor’s note: As local arts venues are still dealing with how to keep guests safe from COVID, add one more concern: guns. A new Texas law goes into effect Sept. 1 that allows people 21 and older to carry a gun in public without a permit. KERA and The Dallas Morning News are collaborating to learn how venue leaders are preparing for this change.

Mary Pat Higgins, president and CEO of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, is concerned.

“This new law has us — has me — concerned about the safety of Texans in their daily lives,” says Higgins, referring to one of the hottest talking points now enveloping the Lone Star State: the sweeping new gun law that takes effect today.

The law, signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in June, will allow permitless carry of handguns for citizens 21 and older — if they have

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Waynesboro music festival features bands, arts, food trucks

The Arts Alliance of Greater Waynesboro’s Destination ARTS! will present a music and arts festival on Sunday, Sept. 5 from 1 to 7 p.m. at Main Street Park in Waynesboro.

Jammin’ in the Park features nine area musical acts playing throughout the day on two stages, including Lucky Punk, Mountain Air, Loose Screws, Big Whiskey, The Note Riders, Greg and Mare, [email protected], Christian Harper and Sussman, Jankura & Hepfer.

“The groups will perform a wide variety of musical styles including classic and indie rock, Americana, folk, jazz, blues and many unique blends and mixtures,” said Jonathan Ingels, Music Makers committee member and event organizer.

The event is family-friendly, with free activities for kids and a variety of arts and crafts vendors.

For Waynesboro students: ‘I am exhilarated with happiness right now’ Alma’s Beneficial House opens

For the Waynesboro community: Church’s garden of sunflowers grows love for nature, hope for monarch

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Jujutsu Kaisen Art Imagines Megumi in Different Anime Styles

Jujutsu Kaisen by Gege Akutami has risen the ranks of Shonen franchises in its relatively short history since hitting the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018, with one fan artist deciding to imagine one of the “Big Three” of the series in the style of other anime franchises. While Yuji Itadori might be the star of the show and Gojo Satoru has gained insane notoriety among the anime community, Megumi Fushiguro has exhibited some insane moves throughout the first season of the anime which has definitely seen him earn his place within the ranks of Jujutsu Tech.

While Yuji Itadori has the power derived from the king of the curses residing in his body and Nobara Kusogaki wields voodoo dolls and nails to help in battling the supernatural, Megumi is just a tad different when it comes to his insane abilities. Able to summon several spirit animals to his

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