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Machine learning opens new doors in archaeology

Modern analysis of rock art
During the rock art surveys, Elders travelled with the ranger survey party to share knowledge of rock art and the history associated with east WiltonRiver sites. Included in this photo are co-authors Abraham Wesan (left in khaki shirt), Dudley Lawrence (stand with a beard to Abraham’s left and other Elders Robert Redford (cap and blue shirt) and Jack Docherty (Akubra hat). This site was a stopover and camping site still used upuntil the late 1970s. Robert Redford walked the Wilton River route back to his family’spoutstation near Maningrida. Credit: Peter Cooke, Mimal Land ManagementAboriginal Corporation (MLMAC)

Rock art of human figures created over thousands of years in Australia’s Arnhem Land has been put through a transformative machine learning study to analyse style changes over the years.

The study has tested different styles labelled ‘Northern Running figures’, ‘Dynamic figures’, ‘Post Dynamic figures’ and ‘Simple figures with Boomerangs’ to understand how these

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The art of revolution: “Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Mexican Modernism” | Art

Her face is stern, as it is so often in her self-portraits. She stares out, inscrutable, from a merengue of lace that dwarfs her tiny head. You likely know who she is, of course. The unibrow. The hairline as definite as a border checkpoint. And in this image, the small portrait of her husband, Diego Rivera, on her forehead. She called it Diego on My Mind (Self-Portrait as a Tehuana) (1943).

Over the years, Frida Kahlo has evolved into a name and face recognized by lovers of art, as well as art avoiders. Her image fuels sales of magnets, posters, and canvas bags, coffee cups, scarves, socks, calendars, jewelry, and a lot more in museum shops and trinket spots all over the United States, and possibly the world. For many, it’s her life story that’s made her compelling — imagery that transformed this complicated woman into an icon of

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20 cute buys under $30 to refresh your bedroom

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Raise your hand if you’re happy it’s officially spring! Me too. It’s a season of fresh starts, blooming, hope, and longer days of sunlight and fresh air. Pretty much everyone has heard of spring cleaning, but, how much attention do you give to your bedroom? After all, you spend a third of your life there sleeping, getting ready for the day, and binge-watching movies in bed. That’s a good chunk of your time spent in just one room.

Thankfully, you can refresh this space with a spring clean, too. Open the windows, wipe down surfaces, and wash your bedding with a drop or two of sweet-smelling essential oils. If you have the space (and energy), I recommend switching up your room’s orientation, even if that means rearranging artwork on the

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12 Gift Ideas for Harry Styles Fans

harry styles gifts


What it’s like being a Harry Styles fan: having a healthy interest in what he’s up to, watching his Grammys performance a normal number of times in a row (over 3/under 10), being regular-amounts jealous of Olivia Wilde.

What it’s like being a Harry Styles stan: explaining the meaning of “Watermelon Sugar” to people who simply did👏 not👏 ask👏 , having a vast knowledge of every single one of Harry’s tattoos, disliking other former members of One Direction for literally no reason.

Things these two distinct groups have in common? Being proud owners (slash…collectors) of some Harry Styles merch! And as with most celebrity merch, finding the ultimate Harry-themed item for yourself or a friend is an art form. Like, too extra and you’re going to get looks in public due to Harry’s face being plastered across your shirt. Too subtle and no one

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