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Harry Styles’s New Video Is a Welcome Dose of New Year Cheer

It’s the first day of the new year, and whether you’re reflecting on your resolutions or nursing a hangover, we could all do with a dose of something cheerful to start 2021 off right. And on that, Harry Styles has you covered. 

The pop star is capping off a year of chart-topping success and Grammy nominations for his sophomore album Fine Line (and, lest we forget, a headline-grabbing Vogue cover) with a surprise video, released earlier today, for his song “Treat People With Kindness.” The black-and-white visual sees Styles as a cabaret star performing in an Art Deco nightclub, decked out in a head-to-toe Gucci look featuring a glittering cropped tuxedo jacket, high-waisted Jazz Age trousers, and a Fred Astaire-worthy sequinned bow tie. 

It wasn’t just the timing of the video’s release that came as a surprise, however, but also Styles’s co-star: none other than Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The

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Trump Orders Art Deco One Of The Only Acceptable Federal Design Styles. Architects Are Not Happy

An executive order issued by President Trump this month limited the kinds of architectural styles for federal developments to a small list of options. Moving forward, the only designs for federal developments, according to the order, are Neoclassical, Georgian, Federal, Greek Revival, Beaux-Arts, and lastly: Art Deco.

More than any other part of the nation, South Florida is known for the pastel colors and soft curves of Art Deco design. The aesthetic has become synonymous with the way that South Florida — especially Miami Beach — has been marketed to tourists, selling the grandeur of the 1920s, ’30s and ’40s.

But many architects, including Art Deco enthusiasts, are not happy with Trump’s executive order.

“I don’t think that governments have mandated architectural style since as far as I know, Mussolini and the fascist architecture of Italy,” said Daniel Ciraldo, the president of the Miami Design Preservation League. “Or there are

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Researchers find race, gender, and style biases in art-generating AI systems

As research pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with AI, the popularity of art created by algorithms — generative art — continues to grow. From creating paintings to inventing new art styles, AI-based generative art has been showcased in a range of applications. But a new study from researchers at Fujitsu investigates whether biases might creep into the AI tools used to create art. Leveraging models, they claim that current AI methods fail to take into account socioeconomic impacts and exhibit clear prejudices.

In their work, the researchers surveyed academic papers, online platforms, and apps that generate art using AI, selecting examples that focused on simulating established art schools and styles. To investigate biases, they considered state-of-the-art AI systems trained on movements (e.g., Renaissance art, cubism, futurism, impressionism, expressionism, post-impressionism, and romanticism), genres (landscapes, portraits, battle paintings, sketches, and illustrations), materials (woodblock prints, engravings, paint), and artists (Clementine Hunter, Mary

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La laisse pour perroquet peut fournir un moyen sûr de sortir votre oiseau avec vous, c’est un aspect important car vous pouvez sortir confortablement et aussi fournir un peu de distraction à votre perroquet et ainsi pouvoir oublier un peu qu’il est en captivité. Il est important de donner un peu de liberté à tout animal de compagnie dont vous avez la charge, aussi la laisse pour perroquet est fabriqué sous la supervision du vétérinaire aviaire, le laisse pour perroquet est un harnais corporel non restrictif, ce qui indique que c’est un harnais sûr qui ne causera aucun dommage à votre oiseau pendant la balade qui est en train de fournir le contraire sera de donner un moment de plaisir à votre oiseau.

Constitution de la laisse pour perroquet

La laisse pour perroquet contient une bande transversale qui peut être portée fermement, ne vous inquiétez pas des oiseaux qui … Read More