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Cartoon Drawing Skill and Computers

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Cartoon Drawing Skill and Computers

Do you love 2D cartoon animation shows? If you are like me then your answer is an obvious yes. But do you know how animations are made? Most of the young stars have an idea that animations are made using computers. Actually this cannot be farther from truth. Because, actually computers have very little role to play in making of these animation shows.

TV animation shows are actually produced from hand drawn graphics. A huge number of drawings are required to prepare a cartoon show. A team of accomplished artists create these drawings. Once the drawings are done they are scanned into the computer later they are edited and colour plus various other effects are added with the help of computers.

So as you can see in this process the role of the artists is way more important than sophisticated computer software suits.

So if you are eager to get started with cartooning or animation but feel that you cannot because you don’t have expensive software then you need to change your views.

It is still a piece of paper and pencil that you require to make cartoons. And to turn your cartoons into really beautiful work of art you’d need some practice, because like every other skill there is a learning curve involved here. But at the outset don’t try to pick computer skills along with cartooning skills because that will only make things more complex and turn the learning curve deep and long.

Fortunately if you concentrate on enhancing your drawing skills and be good at drawing cartoon figures you can pick up related computer skills fairly easily. Because most of the software are very user-friendly and there are many guides and tutorials available online that can show you how to do the basic tasks within a quiet short period of time. Let me take the risk of sounding repetitive and tell you all these things are futile if you do not have good drawing skill in the first place.

So as a cartooning enthusiast grab your pencil and paper and start drawing. There are many online resources that can help you get started but you have to be patient and keep on trying because initially you will have trouble to follow the instructions and produce something beautiful but if you keep your focus and keep practising your cartooning skill will improve.

Then once you are comfortable with making cartoons you can delve into the world of computers and learn how to scan, edit and add colour effects to your cartoon so that it looks professional.

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