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Art Exhibition for Vian Borchert at NYC Phoenix Art Gallery

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For the month of February 2021, noted artist Vian Borchert has been invited to an Invitational Exhibition at the prestigious “NYC Phoenix Art” gallery. The month long online exhibition can be viewed at this link:


The prestigious “NYC Phoenix Art” gallery was founded in Manhattan in 1958 during the “Tenth Street” days. Early gallery exhibitors are renowned artists such as Elaine de Kooning and Alice Neel.

The artwork presented in artist Vian Borchert’s exhibition were done during quarantine and COVID-19 times. The paintings are reflective and nostalgic of a simpler time not so long ago pre-Covid. Moreover, the paintings illustrate a sense of identity of the artist along with her dreams and hopes. In describing her latest paintings Borchert states, “I am an expressionist artist, I consider all my work to be visual poems. For me nature is very important and plays a very essential role in my life. Thus, I am a nature lover – mother nature is my sanctuary and my ultimate solace. I am an avid nature observer where contemplating upon nature helps me reach inner peace and attain moments of Zen. My artwork albeit abstract in nature offers symbolism referencing the status of a mysterious future and how life is such a precious commodity. My artwork also showcases a sense of identity of who I am as an artist: my hopes, my aspiration and my dreams. Consequently, the work becomes a bridge of reflection and connection to the past, present along with a sense of wonder to what the future holds.”

The paintings are all executed through Borchert’s signature painterly abstract expressionist touch with strong brush strokes capturing themes such as misty waves, sailing storms away, distant lands’ travels and a voyage to the sea.

Thus, Vian Borchert’s Invitational Exhibition for February 2021 presents the artist’s reflection on themes revisited and explored from different perspectives projecting the artist’s inward and outward vision to matters close to her heart.

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