Day: August 3, 2020

“Black Is King” continues Beyonce’s immortalizing of the Black American experience through art

Beyonce in "Black Is King"
Beyonce in “Black Is King”

Beyonce in “Black Is King” Travis Matthews/Disney+

There are times when a person doesn’t realize how drained, hot and thirsty she is until she sees water. “Black Is King” triggers that realization in its opening with a wide shot of a river, its gentle current carrying a basket. The biblical allusion to the story of Moses is plain to see, only in this context the untethered basket is a visual metaphor for a people . . . but also, for escape.

Filming for “Black Is King,” Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s visual album accompaniment to her 2019 release “The Lion King: The Gift,” took place in the second half of last year after the film’s release but before the culture at large erupted with protests in the name of Black Lives Matter.

It arrives at a time of unfortunate inevitability for any social justice movement, when

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